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#Writespiration #92 First and Last Line #YA

#Writespiration #92 – First and Last Lines

I couldn’t resist taking part in Sacha Black’s #Writespiration this week after reading the first and last lines of her current WIP (I shall be first in line to buy it when she publishes!)

If you would like to have a go, then pop over to Sacha’s blog for all the details.

I’ve chosen to share the final book in my YA Guardians trilogy, Guardians of the Lost Lands, due out on 11th November 2016 (I think that makes 121 sleeps – not that I’m counting!)


My First Line:

Claws scratched at the cold rock just inches from his bare feet. The twisted limbs of these tormented creatures snaked through the bars of his cell as they tried to reach him. Starved and beaten, the monsters craved his blood.

Last Line (Not quite the last line as that would give away a huge spoiler!):

‘I’ve had help,’ she said, laughing as she climbed on his back, and settled herself behind his long neck.



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