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#BookReview The Indie Author Mindset by Adam Croft #Writing #IndieAuthor

Title: The Indie Author Mindset

Author: Adam Croft

Category: Writing

I found this book: Amazon

indie author mindset

My Review:

I thought I’d burnt myself out on writing books over the years, but it appears I was wrong. Adam’s conversational style of writing meant I had this unpacked and read within a few hours. As a personal development author and blogger, I have a huge affinity to any book that talks about mindset. To discover a book that combines my two favourite topics (writing and the mind) was always going to score points.

The title implies that this book is targeted at independent authors. However, I feel any writer would benefit from the wisdom within these pages. Learning to be more productive, dealing with overwhelm and burnout, and understanding profit and ROI are all vital tools for any author (independent or otherwise).

The section on Encountering Doubt resonated with me the most as I suffer from terrible bouts of self-doubt and imposter syndrome. As I was devouring this chapter, I wondered if Adam had somehow listened in on my counselling sessions!

As with most non-fiction books, I purchased this as a paperback as I have an innate desire to make notes in the margins – there are LOTS of notes in the margins as there are many ideas I want to try thanks to this book.

I’m fortunate to have signed with a medium sized publisher. However, I also have a few titles floating around from my early indie days. This book has given me the kick up the backside I needed to make a plan of action for 2019 and beyond – because it’s all about the long-term.

Any writer (new or old) will find wisdom and insight in The Indie Author Mindset and the desire to change your way of thinking and transform your writing career are incentives enough to buy this book.


Do you want to sell more books and earn a good living from your fiction?

Discover how to change your way of thinking and revolutionise your writing career.

Are you struggling to take your author career on to the next stage? Do you wish you could sell huge numbers of books and make a good income for you and your family? Before he learned to change his mindset, Adam Croft’s fiction books earned him around $30 a day. But, after developing the indie author mindset, he was earning $3,500 a day within a matter of weeks.

The Indie Author Mindset shows you how simply changing your way of thinking about your writing business can revolutionise your career. Using Adam’s personal experiences and examples, you’ll be able to think differently about the business side of your writing career and lay down the foundations for long-term success.

In The Indie Author Mindset, you’ll discover:

  • How to decide who to listen to — and who not to listen to
  • How to unlock the power of residuals
  • How to create more than half a dozen income streams from one book

Lessons and advice from Bryan Cohen, David Gaughran, Brian Meeks and Mark Dawson

Why almost every writer misunderstands profit and is doing advertising wrong

And much, much more!

This life-changing book is the motivational kick-up-the-backside all authors need. If you like a non-fiction book with a personal touch, practical tips you can apply every day and all the motivation you need to kick your career on to the next stage, The Indie Author Mindset is for you.

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