Sparkling Moments, 30 Days of Amazing, Tania Taylor, MIBA Publishing
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#BookReview 30 Days of Amazing by Tania Taylor @TT_Hypnotherapy #NonFiction

Title: Sparkling Moments: 30 Days of Amazing

Author: Tania Taylor

Category: Self-Help

Publisher: MIBA Publishing

Sparkling Moments, 30 Days of Amazing, Tania Taylor, MIBA Publishing

Book Blurb:

Looking for natural ways to make yourself feel good?

This wonderful little gem is perfect for engaging the part of your brain that works on making you feel good. The everyday tasks are purposefully written so that you can fit them into your daily routine with ease, making it the perfect way to gift yourself (or a friend) a feel-good mood boost any time you need one. You can read the book in order and work through each day, or you can open it and take the luck of the draw. Whatever you choose will leave you with some wonderfully special moments that leave you feeling amazing

My Review:

I’m a huge advocate for self-help and personal development, but I also promote simplicity and ease. As beneficial as it may be to sit on a mountain top for a month, not all of us can find the time, money, or inclination for such practices, regardless of the advantages. It’s no good preaching wellbeing to a busy working mother who can’t remember the last time she went for a pee in peace! That’s what I loved about Taylor’s new release. It’s easy to implement, effortless to read at any time and undemanding on our overwhelming schedule.

Taylor has written it in such a way that every page contains a creative idea for putting a bit of amazing back into your life – who doesn’t want a bit of that!

I read it in one sitting, but you may want to use it as a daily activity journal by starting at day one and working through the actions to day thirty. The content of this book is not rocket science – we all know this stuff, but how many of us remember to implement it into our daily lives? I fall short when it comes to self-care sometimes, so I appreciated the ‘Loving You’ and ‘Good Qualities’ section. Other areas this book flagged for me included overcoming negative bias and positive affirmations.

Sparkling Moments is a quick and easy read that packs a powerful punch – a great gift as a reminder to look after yourself or to pass on to friends and family.

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About the Author:

Tania Taylor, Sparkling Moments

Tania is an International, Multi-Award Winning Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist supporting people with anxiety and related conditions across the world via Zoom, and in her private clinic in the heart of the Pennines, in Rochdale, UK.

She runs a monthly deep relaxation hypnotherapy group in Rochdale and has affordable online memberships and workshops.

Tania is a Senior Lecturer for her business; ‘Tania Taylor Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy’, and also Lectures on behalf of the ‘Clinical Hypnotherapy School’, who provide post qualification training to qualified hypnotherapists using the Solution Focused approach.

Tania continues to volunteer delivering free Hypnotherapy for local Macmillan events, and in her Facebook group weekly, helping people across the globe. She’s always looking to help more people and welcomes you to join the Calm Your Mind group and to invite your family and friends too.

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5 thoughts on “#BookReview 30 Days of Amazing by Tania Taylor @TT_Hypnotherapy #NonFiction”

  1. ” It’s no good preaching wellbeing to a busy working mother who can’t remember the last time she went for a pee in peace!” Haha, spoken like a woman’s who has been there! (I certainly have.) The book sounds wonderful.

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