Motivate Me


What is Motivate Me?

In 2013, I started a journey that would essentially change my life, although I didn’t know it at the time. Back then, I ran a holistic spa for ladies and offered a range of alternative therapies, personal development workshops, and meditation classes.

My clients asked me repeatedly to help motivate and inspire them to live their most authentic life. I realised I couldn’t offer them the right support if I was holding back on my own dreams, so I launched a blog (Resolution Challenge). The idea was to share inspiring content for my clients, build a regular writing routine, and fulfil my dream of becoming an author.

I set myself 52 challenges (New Year Resolutions) and blogged about the entire year. Sharing the highs and lows with my growing audience was incredible, and I was blown away by the positive feedback I received.

In 2014, I turned that year of challenges into a book, How I Changed My Life in a Year, which hit the number one spot on Amazon in self-help and women’s biographies.

‘Dream it, Live it, Become it.’

Inspirational Women


Once my year of challenges was over, I continued to blog about self-help, personal development, mental health, well-being, and more. I had the great honour of being able to share inspirational stories from amazing women.

Books, Books, Books

After the success of How I Changed My Life in a Year, it felt like the floodgates had opened on my writing career, and I went on to write a further seven non-fiction titles in the well-being genre.

All Good Things Must Come to an End

I worked in the mind, body, spirit sector from 2008, and I’ve been sharing blogs, interviews, reviews, and content about motivation, self-help, well-being, and personal development ever since. However, time moves on, and we evolve.

Living an authentic life was something I talked about all the time. It was my mission through Motivate Me to help women survive and thrive. Being a part of that world was an honour, but all good things must come to an end.

My journey has changed over the years. I closed my holistic spa in 2016 after developing an autoimmune disorder, and my ‘hobby’ of writing became a full-time career overnight. It was terrifying in the beginning, but I found a way to write for a living through blogging for businesses across the globe, continuing to write my books, and launching my Creative Writing Accountability Coaching Club.

Letting go of the Motivate Me brand was always going to be hard as it’s been such a considerable part of my life, but I’ve realised that the time has arrived to step back and focus on the new direction my life is taking.

I’ll Never Forget My Achievements

One of the reasons I was reluctant to close the chapter on Motivate Me was the opportunities and achievements running the blog, Facebook page, and workshops has given me.

But then I remembered something – I’m a storyteller! Motivate Me may be over, but the stories and memories will stay with me forever. They are part of my identity. I will continue to talk about my award-winning blog because that’s exactly what it was. We can never forget the incredible achievements we make through life, big or small.

Join Me!

This is your official invitation to join me on the next leg of my evolution. Motivate Me might no longer exist, but Shelley Wilson isn’t going anywhere!

I still want to survive and thrive, and I’m passionate about helping women empower themselves. However, these days I do that through my book coaching programme.

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The sun may have set on Motivate Me, but there is plenty of inspiration, motivation, and fun to be had on the next stage of the journey. Will you join me?

Thank You

If you’ve followed me since my days on Blogger with Resolution Challenge, shared my content on Facebook or Twitter, or even if you’re finding me for the first time, I want to say a HUGE thank you. Without curious readers like you who love to explore, learn, and grow, there would be no books, blogs, podcasts, or YouTube.

Where Next?

If you’re visiting Motivate Me because you’ve read one of my books (thank you), and want more help with your self-help or personal development, I would love to share a few recommended sites with you:

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Follow your dreams wherever they may take you and remember to have a kind heart, a fierce mind, and a brave spirit.

Shelley x