Top 10 Tips for #NaNoWriMo – An Editor’s Perspective by @perfect_prose #MondayBlogs

I’m delighted to have special guest, Susan Buchanan, from Perfect Prose Services on my blog today. She shares her top ten tips for all the NaNoers preparing for 1st November, from an editor’s perspective.


Top 10 Tips for NaNoWriMo – An Editor’s Perspective

Only a day to go. On November 1st, fingers will be poised over keyboards, ready to create the next batch of NaNoWriMo babies. You’ve done your research and are fully prepared. Cue hammering of keys for 30 days. Continue reading “Top 10 Tips for #NaNoWriMo – An Editor’s Perspective by @perfect_prose #MondayBlogs”

Writing Inspiration #MondayBlogs

If you scroll down any social media feed you will find an abundance of memes with a variety of quotes – some are inspirational, some humorous, and some are very thought provoking.

I share quite a few motivational quotes on my Resolution Challenge Facebook page. Not because it fits my needs – although, some days these affirmations have been spot on! – I share them in the hope that they’ll help someone else. Continue reading “Writing Inspiration #MondayBlogs”

Normal Service Will Resume Shortly #MondayBlogs #AmEditing

Everyone knows how much I love social media! It’s no secret that I lurk around on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram at various times throughout the day.

However, I have a manuscript to edit, and a deadline.


I watch in awe as fellow writers sign off their Facebook account with a ‘love you guys, but I’ve got to write this book/edit this draft/plot my next bestseller’, and they do it! They disappear from the public eye for so many days or weeks and return fresh-faced and another book better off.

So, I’ve decided to adopt their methods. I have some fabulous content scheduled for my blog and will happily share these posts, I will also pop over to see my favourite bloggers and catch up on their posts and help promote them, I may even post a few dragon pics on my YA Facebook page! All of this should take me an hour a day, after that, I will shackle myself to my desk with a red pen in hand. Continue reading “Normal Service Will Resume Shortly #MondayBlogs #AmEditing”

#MondayBlogs Embracing Opportunities #MondayMotivation

Embracing Opportunities.

It’s two years since I published my non-fiction book, How I Changed My Life in a Year and yet that title is still attracting changes and opportunities into my life.

From hitting the number one spot on Amazon’s best-seller list (twice!) to catching the eye of a big five, and helping me to meet so many amazing readers with inspirational stories to tell, my life really has changed.


Writing a book like this allows you to share a personal part of yourself with the world. I never thought of writing a memoir before, but How I Changed My Life in a Year fit perfectly into this genre.

People relate to the ‘real you,’ in the same way, readers devour author interviews to find out about their favourite writer. It’s a joy to share something so private and have it well received.

This book has opened up so many opportunities for me. I’ve been invited to numerous events, workshops, and networking groups to talk about the challenges I took part in for the book. I’ve appeared in the Writers’ Forum Magazine, been interviewed by some of my favourite book bloggers, and now I get to stand up on stage at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham to kick off the inspirational workshops at this year’s Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival.

All the wonderful things that have happened can be traced back to my book. I met the very wonderful, Kim Nash, who blogs at Kim the Bookworm when she contacted me after reading my book. She introduced me to the hugely motivational author, Theresa Cheung who writes the best-selling afterlife titles such as The Ten Secrets of Heaven. It’s thanks to Kim and Theresa that I can join them at the NEC on the 4th November. Our topic is finding Heaven and my section covers Heaven on Earth and what that means to me.


Finding my place as a writer in this world has brought me so much happiness, and this continues to be my focus. Taking myself seriously as a writer was a huge turning point in my life, and by embracing this passion and continuing to evolve my writing skills, I will be able to continue embracing every opportunity that comes my way.

If you would like to join author, Theresa Cheung, spiritual medium, Claire Broad, and myself, for our inspirational workshop, then click HERE for more information about the festival and to buy your ticket.

We are on stage Friday 4th November between 10.30am – 12.30pm.

Have you ever embraced an opportunity that changed you in some way?

#MondayBlogs Falling in love with Pompeii #History

Wow, what a summer! I’m one of those people who can enjoy every moment of my summer holiday, but then be as equally excited about the start of a new academic year – something to do with all that gorgeous stationery in the shops!

Before I launch into this blog post, I would like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you who visited, liked, commented, shared, and supported the incredible authors who took part in the Big Blue Blog Takeover while I was away. The variety of posts and interviews were incredible and judging from the stats and notifications I received when we sailed into Southampton (1759 emails!!), you enjoyed reading and interacting with the authors too. Thank you so much, it’s hugely appreciated.

I could happily share my 300+ holiday snaps with you all on this blog post as I am still buzzing from the incredible places we visited on our Mediterranean cruise, however, I’m fully aware that Paperchase will be open soon and I’ve got my eye on a few notebooks, pens, folders, and other stationery must-haves, so I’ll keep it short-ish! Continue reading “#MondayBlogs Falling in love with Pompeii #History”

#MondayMuse Guest Post from author, @JeanBooth – For The Love of My Sister #MondayBlogs



Monday Muse – Inspirational people surround us at every turn.  To celebrate some of the incredible women who continue to motivate us on our writing journey I post a Monday Muse dedicated to the women/characters who are our artistic inspiration.

Who is your Muse?

Today, on the Big Blue Takeover I am delighted to welcome Jean Booth, author of Zombie War to talk about her Monday Muse. Over to Jean…

I don’t have any one specific person that is my artistic inspiration. When I wrote Zombie War, my younger sister, Sarah was on my mind. She has an inner strength to her that I don’t think she saw for a long time. She had always been quite unsure of herself, but I could see beneath that uncertainty to the strong, capable woman she’s growing into. I wrote this book, in part, to show her her strength. Continue reading “#MondayMuse Guest Post from author, @JeanBooth – For The Love of My Sister #MondayBlogs”

#MondayMuse Guest Post by @adtrosper ‘Writers Who Inspire Me’ #MondayBlogs


Kicking off the Big Blue Takeover we have a guest post from fantasy author, A.D.Trosper who writes the wonderfully descriptive, Dragon’s Call series.

Audra is sharing her Monday Muse – not one, not two, but four of the writers who inspired her writing career. Over to Audra…

Inspirational people surround us at every turn.  To celebrate some of the incredible people who continue to motivate us on our writing journey we look at the writers who are our artistic inspiration

Writers who inspired me by A.D.Trosper Continue reading “#MondayMuse Guest Post by @adtrosper ‘Writers Who Inspire Me’ #MondayBlogs”