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Unfortunately, I’m NOT accepting book review requests.

I am open to hosting cover reveal posts, author interviews, new book release posts, blog tours, and author guest posts preferably in the Young Adult (YA) or non-fiction genres.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Shelley 🙂

4 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hello Shelley Wilson,

    From one Yorkshire – fantasy author – to another; I was thrilled to come across your author interview within the pages of Writers’ Forum #176 magazine.

    With kind regards I quoted on my new blog series New-Girl-On-The-Writer’s-Block, you saying – “I’m a great believer that thoughts become things and if you want something badly enough and action it, it can come about.”

    Best wishes, Zizzi Bonah.

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  2. Hello Shelley. It was good to meet you at the Bloggers Bash and I’ve enjoyed reading about you and your books on Amazon. Myths, legends, fairy tales, vampires and demonic chaos sounds like an interesting mix to me! I like to incorporate paranormal and supernatural in my own novels, set in the real world… still exploring whether they fit in with the genre of “magical realism” or not. I’m currently reading “Shakespeare vs Cthulhu” which incorporates Shakespeare’s stories with the Lovecraftian universe of horror and the supernatural. It’s really strong stuff and I find it fascinating! Hope to connect with you again on future blog posts of yours.

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    1. Hello! Thank you so much for your lovely message. I watched the Blogger Bash video earlier today and loved your little bit but realised I only said hello at the start of the day and then got swept up in the excitement! I love paranormal and supernatural, they are my favourite genre to read (and write!). Your current read does sound interesting, I hope you review it on your blog and share it with us. x


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