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Adios, Farewell, Au Revoir… #Blogging

Thanks to Suzie Speaks and her incredibly successful Facebook Group, Big Up Your Blog (opening up to new members soon), I have discovered a plethora of bloggers who write content on a wide variety of topics. There are blogs discussing mental health, fitness, emotions, vegan diets, family life, music, writing, and much more. There are also a number of travel bloggers in the group who leave me drooling into my empty suitcase every time I read their posts.

Some of my favourite travel bloggers include A Girl and Her Passport, A Brummie Home and Abroad, Global House Sitter, Wandering Darlings, and Deb’s World. They have travelled far and wide between them and offer up a tantalising taste of some incredible destinations.

I was thinking recently about the countries and resorts I’ve visited in my life-time and how I always try to add variety into our family holiday destinations so my three children see as much of the world as possible. They are not always as appreciative of the scenery as their mum (Pompeii!!!!) but hey ho, hopefully when they get older they will understand what a great privilege it is to have these opportunities.

So, my list includes (in no particular order):

  • Ibiza
  • Majorca
  • Tenerife
  • New York
  • Catskill Mountains, NY State
  • Rome
  • Florence
  • Pisa
  • Verona
  • Barcelona
  • Monte Carlo
  • Naples
  • Ischia, Italy
  • Paris
  • Corsica
  • Seville, Cadiz
  • Sardinia
  • Gibraltar
  • Isle of Wight
  • Scotland
  • Wales

Many of the exotic destinations were just a day visit thanks to a P&O cruise, having said that, I wouldn’t have been able to reach so many different places if not for the floating hotel and it’s never ending supply of food!

The lovely travel bloggers have tempted me with Mexico, Venice, Qatar, and Iceland and my bucket list is getting longer. However, I am here to tell you that exciting news is afoot.

As of Sunday 9th July I will be taking a break from blogging for the sum total of ten days as I’m packing my bags and heading to AMERICA!!

Yes, I am a tad excited about this trip, not only because I’m going back to the U.S, which has been a dream since I took part in Camp America in 1994, but also  because it’s for grown-ups only! Yep, I’m leaving the kids behind with mum and dad and dragging my aunt along instead (she didn’t need much persuasion if we’re honest!)

This ‘girls on tour’ trip is extra special because not only do we fly into Florida and stay there for a few days but we also get to visit and stay with my cousin, Bex, who has been living out in Arkansas for the past eighteen months.

I’m pretty sure I will be taking plenty of notes about my exciting adventure, and so I’m going to have to write an epic travel blog upon my return. However, I’ll warn you all now, prepare yourself for numerous photographs of me in a floaty kaftan sporting the no-makeup-sweaty-face look – I am a Brit after all, and the Florida and Arkansas heat might just flummox me.

So, there you go. Radio silence will begin as soon as I board that flight in Manchester but believe me, I’ll have plenty to blog about when I get home. Have a fabulous summer everyone; adios, farewell, au revoir… 🙂

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63 thoughts on “Adios, Farewell, Au Revoir… #Blogging”

  1. My sis is near Savannah, so, if you get to Pooler she’ll be waiting ( that sounds like a song) with a good plump pot of tea annd a heart as huge as a redwood tree. That is our next adventure! So bring me hints and tips, write of places to see because we will start at Florida and drive, we adore the adventure. Have fun be safe and maybe you will give every stranger you meet a poke on facebook and a link to your Amazon page *wink wink* come back an international success… with a tan of course! X

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    1. Haha, I’m not sure about the tan as my aunt and cousin have an itinerary!! I may need a holiday when I get back! 😜 Your adventure sounds wonderful I hope you blog about it too! I was thinking of leaving most of my clothes behind and just taking my books 😜 😂📚x


  2. Have a great time. Arkansas sounds pretty neat the sort of place I know I should be able to point to on a map but couldn’t be sure. East of the Rockies and south ish but not as far south as the Texas cum Louisiana states. Now I have to look it up!! Damn travel blogs!!!!

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  3. Fab stuff, Shelley!!! Not sure I could stand the heat either (if I went to America I’d choose Oregon, Alaska, North Dakota, I think!), but I would LOVE to go to the US! Good to go just YOU and not you as a mum, too. Look forward to seeing the pix – and perhaps you could pop up to Virginia and say hello to Rick, Daryl and all the rest???!!!

    Bon voyage! x

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    1. OMG yes!! What a fab idea. I don’t know how I’ll cope with the heat. When I was in NY state back in 1994 they had the wettest and coldest summer. All the locals were loving the fresh cool air and we were wrapped up like eskimos 😉


    1. Thanks, Jill. I’m one of those crazy obsessives when it comes to holiday snaps. My kids joke about me taking pics of everything from a weird looking stone in a wall to a low flying seagull! (I’m not that bad!) xx

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  4. Thanks so much for the mention here Shelley! I love reading your blog too and I wish you all the best for your trip. I sounds like it will be heaps of fun and a blogging break is always a good idea. We’ll miss you but I’m sure we will hear all about it soon Take care and stay safe 🙂

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  5. Thanks for the mention Shelley 🙂 Much appreciated! Have a fantastic trip. Look forward to reading all about it on your return. x

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  6. You never said where in Florida or Arkansas. Florida will definitely be very warm and humid, depending on where you will be there are beaches everywhere.Have a good trip!

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