Author Interviews

It’s been a great honour to interview some incredible authors over the years. You can find all the interviews below with links to each post.

2022 Author Interviews

Dr. Victoria Wilson-Crane – author of Sixteen Days

Roscoe and Muldoon – characters interview

Andrew Mullaney – author of Didn’t Anyone Ever Tell You? It’s All A Game

Lis McDermott – author of He is Not Worthy

2021 Author Interviews

Francesca Tyer – author of The Firestone

Ann Hobbs – author of Kick Ass Your Life

E V Mason – author of Secret Heart

Bill Boggs – author of The Adventures of Spike the Wonder Dog

Nicola Locke – author of My Life My Happiness: A Journal for Young Girls

Julie Derrick – author of Hank the Hungry Monster (Children’s)

Ladey Adey – author of Successful Business Networking

Natalie Roberts – author of Write Through Depression

Ali Jeffries – author of Dear Parent Carer

Jay Stansfield – author and illustrator of Meet the Squibbles (Children’s)

Katie Goodacre – author and illustrator of Miley’s Mind (Children’s)

Alex Holmes – author of Time to Talk

Trisha Lewis – author of The Mystery of the Squashed Self

Janey Lee Grace – author of Happy Healthy Sober

Cathie Babbington – author of Business Social Media

Henrietta Mackenzie – author of The Secret Lives of Two Googly-Eyed Cats (Children’s)

Louise Mercierca – author of How Food Shapes Your Child

Tarnya Coley – author of Plan It See It Anticipate It

Beth Anne Campbell – author of Where the Hell is My Bacon?

Lizzie Chantree – author of Shh…it’s our secret

Irial O’Farrell – author of Smart Objective Setting for Managers: a roadmap

Lisa Forsythe – author of Simple Activities for Toddlers (Children’s)

Lynn McAllister – author of Pixie Van Dimple (Children’s)

Colleen M. Story – author of Your Writing Matters

Caron Kipping – author of Recognition to Recovery

Patrick Johns – author of The Lost Soul

Claire Burdett – author of Social Goodness

Tamara Donn – author of Frazzled to Fabulous in 5 Minutes a Day

Kate Campbell – The Whisper of Calaresp

Amanda Ross-Etheridge – author of A Few of My Favourite Things (Poetry)

Bridget McNulty – author of The Grief Handbook

Anya Josephs – author of Queen of All (YA)

Marie Anders – author of Death by Truffles

Philip Duke – author of The Village

Nenny May – author of Miller Avenue Murder

Elisa A.Bonnin – author of Dauntless (YA)

Lynette Creswell – author of Hoglets’ Christmas Magic

Catherine Gladwyn – author of How to be a Virtual Assistant

Helen Hill – author of Falling off the Ladder

2020 Author Interviews

Sue Bentley

Kevin Albin

John Jack

Alex Pearl

Dexter Channing

Ericka Clay

Martha Dunlop

Patric and Per       

Deborah Caia  

James Kellett

Previous Interviews…

Terry Tyler (2014) and (2017)

Della Galton

Sue Moorcroft

Carol Hedges (2014) Carol Hedges (2016) Carol Hedges (2018)

Lynette Creswell (2014) Lynette Creswell (2016)

Douglas McPherson

Peter Jones (2014) Peter Jones (2016)

Helen Boswell

Tonya Royston

Lynn Gerrard

Julia Wills

Susan Buchanan

Drea Damara

Stephan Myers

Rebecka Vigus

Audra Trosper

Ben Starling

Dylan J Morgan

Janice Preston

Laura Elliot

Lisa Shambrook

Barb Taub

Debbie Rix

Kelly Rimmer

Helen Pollard

David Videcette

Alex Meyering

Liz Allister


Louise Jensen

Denise Erguler

Catherine Hokin

Kitty French

Claire Seeber

Joan De La Haye

Samantha Tonge

Luccia Gray

Arthur Doweyko

Marion Crook

Karen King

James Hartley

Byron Morrison

Rob Sinclair Guest Post

Tracie Delaney (Tracey Morrow)

Guest Post from Lizzie Lamb

Sacha Black

Author & Illustrator, Natalie & Chris

SC Skillman

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