Author Interviews

It’s been a great honour to interview some incredible authors over the years. You can find all the interviews below with links to each post.

2020 Author Interviews

Sue Bentley, Author Interview, Shelley Wilson Author,

Sue Bentley


Kevin Albin


John Jack


Alex Pearl


Dexter Channing


Ericka Clay


Martha Dunlop


Patric and Per       


Deborah Caia  


James Kellett

Previous Interviews…

bMBCGi9O_400x400  Terry Tyler (2014) and (2017)

Della Galton  Della Galton

sue_home  Sue Moorcroft

Carol Hedges Picture  Carol Hedges (2014) Carol Hedges (2016) Carol Hedges (2018)

Lynette Cresswell  Lynette Creswell (2014) Lynette Creswell (2016)

Douglas DMcP (1)  Douglas McPherson

13e12-peter2bjones2bhead2bshot  Peter Jones (2014) Peter Jones (2016)

Helen Boswell 1  Helen Boswell

Tonya Royston  Tonya Royston

Lynn Gerrard  Lynn Gerrard

JULIA WILLS  Julia Wills

twitterpic Susan Buchanan

Drea Damara Drea Damara

82c728a7ab1b23d631c1fbc814993f58 Stephan Myers

172640_10150157515381690_4150807_o Rebecka Vigus

11008613_936556603044207_1713139269750240376_n Audra Trosper

blue_small 100x150 Ben Starling

IMG_1783 Dylan J Morgan

_JKP3225c Janice Preston

81jFlEmE27L._UX250_ Laura Elliot

Lisa-2015-Woods-Square-29kb Lisa Shambrook

Barb pix 300 dpi Barb Taub

debbie-rix-4.66b31c0b9a33622948993421044e584a Debbie Rix

41UJKuPhm5L._UX250_ Kelly Rimmer

Helen Pollard Helen Pollard

Hi Res - David_Videcette_Head WITH smile David Videcette

93AVjMnO_400x400 Alex Meyering

Liz Allister Liz Allister

J. S. Bailey Headshot J.S.Bailey

Louise Jensen Louise Jensen

Shifting JAck Denise Erguler

Catherine Hokin Catherine Hokin

Kitty French Kitty French

Claire Seeber Claire Seeber

Joan De La Haye Author pic 1 Joan De La Haye

Samantha Tonge Samantha Tonge

Lucy and Midsummer Luccia Gray

Arthur Doweyko Arthur Doweyko

marion-crook Marion Crook

kk-head-and-shoulders Karen King

james-hartley-feb-2017 James Hartley

byron-morrison Byron Morrison

Rob Sinclair Rob Sinclair Guest Post

Tracey Morrow Image Tracie Delaney (Tracey Morrow)

In the Garden Guest Post from Lizzie Lamb

Photo close crop Sacha Black

Nat and Chris Author & Illustrator, Natalie & Chris

SC Skillman Author photo WEB SC Skillman

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