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Do you work to fulfil a dream, or is your dream to do the work you’re doing? I guess I’m a mix of both as I LOVE writing for a living.

When I’m not hard at work for my Shelley Wilson Writing Solutions clients, I’m writing novels for my publisher. I didn’t put word nerd in my bio for nothing!! 😆

Twenty years aCampervan Writer, two photos of VW campervans the first is an orange and white bay window 1975 and the second is a white transporter conversion 2017go I had a 1975 VW bay window campervan. It was a nail! You could see the tarmac through the holes in the cab floor. However, it never put me off the nomadic dream of jumping in a camper, laptop and notepad in hand, to chug off into the sunset. That dream became a reality when I bought a new VW camper.

It’s a long-term goal that’s taken 20 years to manifest, but I did it! It means working HARD to keep the dream alive, but it also means working remotely; at the seaside, or on a lakefront, in a field buried deep in the Welsh hills, or Zooming from the NC500 as I take in the delights of Scotland.

If you see me on my travels, give us a wave!

I’m hoping to share my travel and writing adventures here on the blog, so keep an eye out for future posts. In the meantime, I’ve started an Instagram page to capture the fun, scenery, wet weather (well I am in the UK!!), and van love. If you want to follow me that would be fabulous – I’m the ‘Campervan Writer’ ✍️🚐😆