Time to Cast Your Vote #BloggersBash #Inspirational #Blogger

On 1st January 2013, I wrote and published my first blog post! Little did I know that it would start a wonderful blogging adventure full of new friends, quirky topics, umpteen grammatical errors, and an abundance of award ceremonies!

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‘Connections’ What does that mean to you? #BloggersBash

Last year I was overjoyed to win the Most Inspirational Blog Award at the Annual Bloggers Bash. I don’t think I stopped grinning for six months! The Bash returns this June, and I’ve already booked my train ticket. Spending the day with fellow bloggers is the highlight of my year.

The Bash has grown in popularity, and as such, it’s going to be bigger and better. For example, this year there’s a Blogger Bash Comp, where we can submit a blog post on the theme of Connections. Never one to pass up on competitions, challenges, and blogging, I’m delighted to share my entry.

‘Connections’ What does that mean to you?

What does the word connections mean to you? For me, it’s that spark of interest among like-minded people, the butterflies in your tummy when you’re with the one, and the warm and fuzzy feeling you get when your kids tell you they love you.

Meaningful connections also exist in the virtual world. I’ve been active on social media for many years, and so my online connections continue to grow. I love the spider web effect of linking up with an interesting character only to find they know your great aunt Maud, or went to University with your brother, or even live next door to your cat sitter! We are all linked in one way or another, and that’s a beautiful thing.

Social media gets a bad rap at times, but once you strip away the trolls, the nutters, and the emotional vampires, you’re left with a ton of special people who delight and enrich your day.

The blogging community is the perfect platform to connect with people from all areas of the globe, with a host of interests. I’ve ‘met’ food bloggers, lifestyle, health, and happiness bloggers. I interact on a daily basis with book bloggers, writers’ and artists. My connections include photographers, witches, painters, and chefs. Travel bloggers fill my head with exciting plans, fashion bloggers teach me to avoid double denim and opt for ugly pants (it’s a thing!).

I learn something new every single day thanks to these connections. I’ve laughed along with them, cried at times, and even offered my advice where needed, but what do I get in return? I get the collective support of connectedness.

No matter how your day or week plays out, there will always be someone on the other end of that invisible current who can boost your confidence, make your day, support your business, or offer a kind word. That’s what connections means to me – the beauty of being able to call on friends, new and old, who live inside my laptop. The voices of reason I hear late at night, and the cheerful chatter I enjoy early in the morning.

Connections can be made far and wide, online, or in person. Each one is special, unique, and appreciated. So, as I prepare to travel down to London and once again participate in the Blogger Bash, I know that my day will be spent in the company of people I love and respect. I’ll mingle with folk who will know what I’m talking about when I mention plugins and understand when I tell them about my failing eyesight due to excessive screen time.

If you do one thing today, make sure it involves connecting with someone. Spend some time chatting with a friend over a choccie mochaccino or message a fellow blogger through Twitter or Facebook. Send a note to someone on the other side of the world wishing them a good morning as you climb into your pyjamas or pop round to an elderly neighbour with a bunch of flowers.

Connections are what we make of them. Nourish the relationships that come into your life and share the love, laughter, and happiness. After all, none of us are getting out alive!

Images: Meeting SuzieSpeaks81, Kim Nash, Lucy Mitchel and Sacha Black, Carol Hedges, Rosie Amber’s Book Review Team, Book Connectors: Linda Hill, Mark West, and Elaina James. Terry Tyler, Mark Barry, Rosie Amber, Julia Proofreader, Georgia Rose, Cathy Ryan.

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Reader Spot – Meet #BookReviewer Claire (@BrizzleLass) #Fantasy #ChickLit

Here on the Reader Spot, I share the bookish love of our avid book reviewers. From young adult to historical romance, chick-lit to a murder mystery, they know what they like, and they’re happy to share.  Whether you are a reader looking for a new book, or a writer wondering what your reader wants, I hope you find this series enjoyable.

Next up to the Reader Spot is the very lovely, Claire from Brizzle Lass Books. Find her beautiful book review blog HERE.


What genre do you enjoy reading?

Fantasy is my go to but I also enjoy Paranormal, Chick-lit and Romance and I enjoy them all in adult and YA.

Do you have a favourite author in this genre?

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Going Back To School With @Suzie81blog and @ThankBookFor #SundayBlogShare #Blogging


Learning new skills, adapting old ones, and nurturing our knowledge bank is just as important as we get older as it is when we are young students. Just because we can no longer fit all the candles on the cake, doesn’t mean we must neglect our mind, body, or soul. I re-trained as a holistic health practitioner in my thirties, discovering new therapies and adapting old techniques to fit the anxieties of modern-day clients. When you work in the personal development sector, it’s imperative to stay in touch with improvements, new treatments, and regulations so that you can guide your clients in the most helpful direction. Continue reading “Going Back To School With @Suzie81blog and @ThankBookFor #SundayBlogShare #Blogging”

#TuesdayBookBlog The Big Blue Takeover – Part 1 #BHCAuthors

Everyone loves a holiday, and I made a vow to myself that by the time August arrives, I would be bikini-ready, and on the lookout for the best mojito the Mediterranean has to offer. August has indeed arrived, and it’s only now I realise I’ve never been bikini-ready, and I don’t drink alcohol, but hey, I can still waddle around in a kaftan sipping my diet coke!


The holiday season does get us all a bit giddy, though. We cherish the thought of heading off to pastures new, seeking the sunshine, golden sand, and blue sea, and relaxing with the family. For me, however, there is one tiny fly in the sun lotion! I’m going on a cruise and shall be floating across the big blue ocean with more food than anyone could hope to eat, dancing shows, shops, and an abundance of sight-seeing opportunities, but no Wi-Fi, yep, you got it! NO internet for TWO weeks! Continue reading “#TuesdayBookBlog The Big Blue Takeover – Part 1 #BHCAuthors”

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words #BloggersBash

A picture is worth a thousand words is a classic English idiom and the perfect term to use for today’s blog post.

I spent the weekend in London meeting my ‘online’ family and attending the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards. I tried to write down my thoughts about the past couple of days as I travelled back from London yesterday but I somehow managed to board the wobbliest train in the history of rail travel and felt quite seasick before we’d even reached High Wycombe. So, I abandoned my pen and pressed my nose up against the window pane and reminisced over a fabulous weekend.

Instead of rambling on for 4000 words about how brilliant it was to meet Sacha Black and her wonderful committee, or Rosie Amber and some of the RBRT members, or even my cheeky cake with author, Carol Hedges, I thought I’d show you how fabulous it was instead.

Before I share the antics of my jolly girls’ outing, I must just offer my sincerest thanks to EVERYONE who took the time to vote for my blog at this year’s awards. I was thrilled to receive a nomination but to WIN the award for Most Inspirational Blog totally blew me away. I gratefully accepted my award with wobbly legs and a squeaky voice!

So, without further delay, here is a snapshot of a weekend well spent, in the company of my dear online family.

Friday, I met the very lovely, Carol Hedges, author of Victorian crime fiction, YA dystopian novels, award winning blogger, and feature writer at SixtyandMe, for a cake and a paddle!

No trip to Kings Cross Station is complete without a visit to Platform 9 3/4.  Rosie Amber, Christina Philippou and I were all initiated into Gryffindor.

Quick pit-stop and a Rosie Amber’s Book Review Team photo shoot courtesy of the hilarious waiter who learned all his skills from Naomi Campbell – apparently! ‘Smile’ – Chris Philippou, Rosie Amber, Alison Williams, and Barb Taub.

Then it was off to the Blogger Bash and the chance to network with some of the best bloggers around – and not just local bloggers either. The bash attracted visitors from Newcastle, Leeds, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland, Vienna, and Poland.

The event included an informative masterclass from Luca Sartoni, international speaker, growthkeeper at Automatic, the people behind WordPress. Thanks to Luca, I now know that ‘numbers are sexy’ and we only need four things in life; ‘water, shelter, food, and WordPress!’ Luca now knows that the Brits are reblog crazy!

There were a fair number of fan girling moments throughout the day – especially when I finally came face to face with my online twin, Sacha Black, and the winner of Funniest Blog Award, the very beautiful, Lucy Mitchell. I also managed to meet – in between copious amounts of cake and maltesers! – the incredible Suzie Speaks – who walked away with Best Overall Blog Award, and the lovely Mary Smith. It was wonderful to see so many of my Book Connector Facebook friends winning awards too – Sarah Hardy, Linda Hill, Anne Williams, Alix Long, Noelle, and Becca’s Books.

Factor in to all this fun and frolicking a king size Premier Inn bed (to myself!), a couple of full English breakfasts, beautiful sunshine, a celebratory Bread & Butter Pudding, and the Queen’s 90th birthday and I can safely say it was the best weekend EVER!  My daughter even made me some banana buns as a welcome home present!

The only slight smudge on the horizon was England’s draw against Russia, but even that couldn’t wipe the big grin off my face!

Winner of Most Inspirational Blog Award 2016



From blog to bestseller #wwwblogs

It only seems like a few weeks ago that I did my closing down ceremony on an old year and embraced the new, and yet here we are in June! I vowed back in January to create an uplifting year with plenty of opportunities and a perfect balance between health, life, and writing.

So far I haven’t listened to a word I said, and I’ve thrown myself into 2016 like the Tasmanian devil!


Over on my motivational blog I wrote a post about starting a happiness jar – I’m pleased to say that I’m still doing this, and my little jar is filling up steadily with all the wonderful things that I’ve done and achieved so far this year.


One of the main highlights of my year has to be my author interview in the Writers’ Forum Magazine (June Issue). Continue reading “From blog to bestseller #wwwblogs”