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Welcome to my Author Website

What an exciting day.  I have spent the day crafting this site to give my books and my work in progress a home.  As a multi-genre writer I’ve spent months scratching my head about developing two websites.  One for my non-fiction and another for my young adult fantasy.  Being a single mum, business owner, blogger and writer, this decision nearly drove me to drink!  Could I find the time to maintain multiple sites on top of what I already deal with – quick answer was NO!

So here I am.  A shiny new home where my motivational self-help nestles alongside the demons and faeries of my fantasy fiction.  As long as the gruesome creatures from my dimension of hell don’t venture into my feel good forum, we should be okay!

I would love to hear what you think about the site, have a wander and pop back to the comments page.  I’ll be waiting with the kettle on and the cupcakes at the ready.

Shelley x

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