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30 Days of NaNoWriMo


Well it’s finally here – November and NaNoWriMo 2014.  The plotting is done, the character bio’s are stuck to the notice board and the 54lbs. of Cadbury’s chocolate is taking up residence in the fridge.  I’m good to go.

Now when December arrives we all rush to open the first door on our advent calendar so I’ve made a NaNo Calendar to help me get through the month.  Feel free to add your own top tips in the comments, I need all the help I can get.

Day 1 – ‘Stop re-arranging your stationery and start writing’

Day 2 – ‘Always see the magic in your writing, especially when it’s garbage’

Day 3 – ‘Buy more chocolate’

Day 4 – ‘Unplug the phone and close the curtains, they’ll stop calling soon enough’

Day 5 – Bonfire Night!  Burn an effigy of your main character’

Day 6 – ‘Shower – for the love of all that’s holy – shower!’

Day 7 – ‘Throw in a pirate or a zombie for good measure’

Day 8 – ‘You’ve survived the first week, dance in your underwear’

Day 9 – ‘Get dressed and go to Costa, write amongst the living’

Day 10 – ‘Kill off a main character’

Day 11 – ‘Panic and raise main character from the dead’

Day 12 – ‘Brain Ache’

Day 13 – ‘Be grateful for this opportunity’

Day 14 – ‘I curse you NaNoWriMo HQ, CURSE YOU’

Day 15 – ‘Half way there, another chance to dance in your underwear’

Day 16 – ‘If the scene isn’t working shout Plot Twist and move on’

Day 17 – ‘Keep calm and read something inspiring’

Day 18 – ‘Channel your inner George RR Martin and kill off a couple more characters’

Day 19 – ‘Make sure your word count is higher than your body count’

Day 20 – ‘Wizards have been done but mutant ninja mermaids could be a winner’

Day 21 – ‘Breathe deeply…oh god I just lost 5 minutes’

Day 22 – ‘DON’T read what you’ve written so far’

Day 23 – ‘Have a lazy day and just write 1665 words’

Day 24 – ‘Switch your POV and confuse the hell out of your main character’

Day 25 – ‘Block all links to Wikipedia, nothing will help at this stage’

Day 26 – ‘Don’t Panic!!’

Day 27 – ‘Brain Freeze’

Day 28 – ‘Now you can panic!’

Day 29 – ‘When in doubt, add a saber tooth tiger’

Day 30 – ‘Write like your life depends on it’


Welcome to December – wake me up in January.

21 thoughts on “30 Days of NaNoWriMo”

    1. I’ve done NaNo for the last four years and loved every second of it. Yes, it is intense but if you have plotted your novel out and have a plan of action in place then there’s no reason why you can’t write 50k words by 30th November. The community and forums are a great support, and a lot of fun! x

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      1. I had to inspire myself which was a tough call haha. My first year was part of my blog challenge back in 2013 where I had to complete fifty-two New Year Resolutions in a year. November was all about doing NaNo x

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  1. Ha ha, this was hilarious 😉 I am just on Day 2 and nothing in my story outline warrants pirates or zombies, but you never know. Day 7 MAY just push me over the edge 😉 Word count is what I am gunning for at the moment so fingers crossed 😀

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