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Do You Have Lucky Pants?

Do you have a lucky pair of pants, carry a charm with you at all times to inspire good fortune, or consult the astrological gurus before you set foot outside your front door?  untitled (2)

No?  Then read on…

I wrote this article for my motivational blog as it seemed appropriate for that audience, however, the more I looked into my findings, the more I realised that this post applied to my writing more than any other aspect of my life.  I have therefore tweaked it and added it here to see what you think.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have seen the number 2222 everywhere. I’ve seen it on receipts when I’ve done my food shopping (in the code NOT in the price tag – I don’t eat that much!). Every time I glance at my alarm clock or check the time on my phone it reads 22:22. It happened so often that I decided to investigate.

According to Numerology, the number 2 relates to your divine life purpose and your soul mission. I liked the sound of that, so I dug a little deeper. 22 is made up of the number 2 appearing twice, therefore amplifying its attributes. According to Numerology, I am being encouraged to work diligently on my life path and soul purpose.

As I prepare to release book one in my new young adult fantasy series, I am inclined to say that writing is my soul purpose, and if anyone is dishing out a life path as an author then I’ll take one of those too please.

Delving further into the Numerology I discovered that the number 22 carries the energies of intuition, adaptability, personal power and expansion. This number is all about power and accomplishment.

I decided to look out for other signs. I began to notice certain songs being played over and over – not the recent chart stuff, but songs from the 1980’s, in particular, I kept hearing ‘Gold’ by Spandau Ballet.


When I listened to the lyrics of ‘Gold’ I kept replaying the chorus over in my head:


Always believe in your soul

You’ve got the power to know

You’re indestructible

Always believe in, because you are


Glad that you’re bound to return

There’s something I could have learned

You’re indestructible, always believing

It struck a nerve. Suffering from self-doubt has been my biggest challenge over the past few years. As a child and teenager I didn’t have this problem, in fact, I was so far the other way that I must have annoyed all my family and friends with my confident airs and graces.

Turning my life around following my divorce was a long, hard slog but I did it. I became indestructible, and I got my power back. Tony Hadley must have known this was going to happen – I say this because I was 13 when Gold was released and in my confidence comfort zone!

Piecing together my recent findings I realised I was pulling this all-powerful energy to me. The songs on repeat were a sign to say I was on my right path – You’re indestructible, always believe. The 22:22 illumination on my alarm clock was there to remind me to bring things through to fruition and successfully manifest my dreams.

The number 22 can turn the most ambition dreams into reality, and the repeating number asks me to see the larger picture. In the same way that I use ‘thoughts become things, pick good ones’, I am able to see that everything going on in my life is spot on.

I am taking great comfort in this as I release my debut fiction novel, knowing that I am where I’m supposed to be. I shall also be keeping my eyes peeled for a four leaf clover from now on!


Do you have a lucky charm or see/hear signs on repeat? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

9 thoughts on “Do You Have Lucky Pants?”

  1. I agree with what Claire said re the lotto! I tend to do all this ‘magic’ stuff without telling anyone, especially not people like my husband who take the piss, but feng shui does work…. 😀


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