Show No Fear by Krystal Mcllree

I had to share this winning story by 8th Grade Student, Krystal Mcllree, from Thomas Jefferson Middle School in Port Washington.

Sara visited this school and set the students a flash fiction challenge. Krystal’s winning entry is brilliant.

show no fear

Fall Flash Fiction Contest Winner story #1!  Congratulations, Krystal Mcllree (8th grader at Thomas Jefferson Middle School in Port Washington, WI)!  

Show No Fear

By: Krystal McIlree

       The wind on October 31 was brisk and chilly. It was Halloween after all. Everything was supposed to be dark and chilly. On this day, the wind decided to abruptly open my window. This would probably scare almost anyone, but not me. I was definitely not an easily scared person. I always get bored during horror movies, and whenever someone jumped out at me I punched them for the fun of it. Hey, don’t judge, it’s a good excuse to punch someone. I put down my paintbrush and walked over to close it. It was really hard to close, so I had to slam it and lock it.

       “Maggie! What was that?!” My mom yelled from downstairs…

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