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Reader’s Spot – Meet Tracy, a fan of #Chicklit and #PersonalDevelopment

Here on the ‘Reader’s Spot’ I share the bookish love of our readers, from young adult to romance, chick-lit to murder mystery.  Whether you are a reader looking for new books, or a writer wondering what your readers want, I hope you find this series enjoyable.

Next up to the Reader’s Spot is, Tracy Gilmore, a fan of Chicklit and Personal Development


1  What genre do you enjoy reading?

I enjoy personal development books, some chick lit and autobiographies.

2  Do you have a favourite author in this genre?

Jo Jo Moyes is my favourite chick lit author. Paulo Cohelo and Dr Wayne Dyer for the personal development to name just a couple, there’s so many!

3  How do you prefer to read your books?

Paperback and kindle, I love the feel of a book but if I see something I want to read it’s nice to be able to download it there and then, Kindle is great for travel too.

4  Where do you purchase your books?

Book stores, ebay, friends give me a lot, I use the library and Amazon too.

5  Where do you find out about the books you read?

Usually recommendations. The book I need to read usually appears at the right time.

6  Do you have a budget when buying books?  Do you stick to it if you do?

What’s a budget ha ha, If there’s something I want to read I’ll pay up to £15.00, no more than that.

7  Do you write a review when you’ve finished reading?  If so, where do you post this?

Sometimes, yes, kindle or Goodreads.

8  What do you look for in a book?

I’m usually drawn by the cover, I’ll read the first page and if it appeals to me I’ll buy it.

9  Where do you like to read?

Anywhere! 🙂

10  What social media platforms are you active on? (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Snapchat, Google+ etc)

All the ones listed, apart from Snapchat and Tumblr.

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