Oath Breaker – #Writespiration via @sacha_black #YA

As it’s the school holidays, my daughter dragged me off shopping this morning (like I needed any excuse to shop!). Upon returning home, I locked myself away in the writing cave with a loud cry of ‘I’m off to write another chapter!’

My manuscript hasn’t even loaded and already I’ve checked Facebook and just popped over to Twitter. Quick five minutes then I’ll start. Ooh, Sacha has a post I’ve missed – what’s this? A challenge? Another five minutes won’t hurt.


Sacha Black’s Writespiration Challenge is to post the title and a snippet from your current work in progress. Here’s mine.

Oath Breaker (YA novel)

The blue flashing lights pulsed through the fractured front window, illuminating the blood splatter on the walls. The click-click of the forensic team’s camera ate into the sterile silence as the officers combed through the living room.

The house resembled a scene from a macabre horror show.

I briefly lifted my eyes to look at the police officer who knelt before me, his face a mask of professionalism even though he must be wishing he was anywhere but here.

‘Did you see who killed your dad? Who tried to kill you? Who broke in and attacked you miss?’

I couldn’t answer. The words were stuck in my throat. How could I tell him that my dad was the one who had tried to kill me and that a wolf had jumped through the window and ripped out his throat? Who would believe me?


What are you working on? Join in over on Sacha’s blog.


7 thoughts on “Oath Breaker – #Writespiration via @sacha_black #YA”

      1. I am sure I will. I am rather slow at reading at the moment though – barely making it through a book a month, and theres a lot of books in the cue, but it IS in the cue, and that’s the important thing. Kids really are a time suck aren’t they! sigh. Wish I could win the lottery and stay at home to write and read!

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