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Reader Spot – Meet Book Reviewer, Lorraine Rugman @reviewcafe

Here on the ‘Reader Spot,’ I share the bookish love of our avid book reviewers. From young adult to historical romance, chick-lit to a murder mystery, they know what they like and they’re happy to share.  Whether you are a reader looking for a new book, or a writer wondering what your reader wants, I hope you find this series enjoyable.

Next up to the Reader Spot is reviewer, Lorraine Rugman. Find her book review blog HERE.

Lorraine Rugman

What genre do you enjoy reading?

I read mostly crime or psychological thrillers, but I do enjoy a light hearted chick fiction book now and then. Mind you I read so many crime thrillers I often expect characters in chic fiction to turn into serial killers!

Do you have a favourite author in this genre?

Oh, this is a really difficult one I have loads of authors I “have to read” as soon as they release a book they include Kimberley Chambers, Caroline Mitchell, Angela Marston, Chris Carter, James Carol I could go on and on and on!

How do you prefer to read your books?

I love my Kindle for holidays, as I use to pack 6-7 books for my holidays, now I have more room for clothes! And it’s compact enough to carry around to read anytime anywhere, but I do love a paperback you can’t beat the feel and smell of a “real” book


Where do you purchase your books?

Mostly Amazon for convenience, but if I see a book shop while I’m out and about I always have to pop in and have a look, which usually results in me buying a book. I also buy lots of books when I do the weekly shop at Asda; they just seem to fall into the trolley

Where do you find out about the books you read?

I use to read Amazon reviews before I started blogging, but now I usually go by other book bloggers recommendations. There are a couple of bloggers (they know who they are) who every time I read their reviews I end up with another book on my TBR pile

Do you have a budget when buying books?  Do you stick to it if you do?

Budget what’s that? No, I’m afraid I just buy books when I see them, although I did remove my card details from my Amazon account, that “one click” button is far to easy to press! And one book becomes ten before you know it

Do you write a review when you’ve finished reading?  If so, where do you post this?

Yes, I post to my blog the book review cafe and my FB and Twitter page of the same name, I also post to numerous Facebook book clubs I belong to and Amazon.

What do you look for in a book?

It’s got to grab my attention in the first couple of chapters, and I need to be able to relate to the characters. Also, it has to have a good plot with plenty of twist and turns, and I’m hooked

Where do you like to read?

I do most of my reading sat in my lounge in my favourite chair. I don’t commute to work, so I don’t get a chance to read any other time but at home. I can’t read in bed either as I never seem to be able to get comfortable. I do love my holidays not only for the rest and two weeks of sunshine, but it means I can read for two weeks solid without interruption from the usual routine

What social media platforms are you active on?

I’m on Facebook and Twitter, and I have an Instagram account but never use it – it’s taken me long enough to get to grips with Twitter!

Thank you so much to Lorraine for sharing her love of books with us – please do pop over and visit her review blog – Review Café.

If you are an avid reader and would like to be included in this feature, then please use the ‘say hello’ page to send me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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