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#TuesdayBookBlog The Big Blue Takeover – Part 1 #BHCAuthors

Everyone loves a holiday, and I made a vow to myself that by the time August arrives, I would be bikini-ready, and on the lookout for the best mojito the Mediterranean has to offer. August has indeed arrived, and it’s only now I realise I’ve never been bikini-ready, and I don’t drink alcohol, but hey, I can still waddle around in a kaftan sipping my diet coke!


The holiday season does get us all a bit giddy, though. We cherish the thought of heading off to pastures new, seeking the sunshine, golden sand, and blue sea, and relaxing with the family. For me, however, there is one tiny fly in the sun lotion! I’m going on a cruise and shall be floating across the big blue ocean with more food than anyone could hope to eat, dancing shows, shops, and an abundance of sight-seeing opportunities, but no Wi-Fi, yep, you got it! NO internet for TWO weeks!


Normally, this would be a blessing – who doesn’t crave the peace and tranquillity of a ping-free phone? However, as I love blogging and socialising via Twitter and Facebook, I’m pretty sure that MI5 will think I’ve been kidnapped due to my sudden radio silence!

To avoid an international incident (sorry, my writer’s brain is running away with me!), I’m handing my blog over to the incredible Blue Harvest Creative Authors who have prepared a host of entertaining guest posts and interviews to keep you amused – see, you’ll never notice I’m gone!


Welcome to the Big Blue Takeover:

Monday 15th August – Guest Post by Audra Trosper

Tuesday 16th August – Author Interview with Frank Lattimore

Wednesday 17th August – Guest Post by J.S.Bailey

Thursday 18th August – Guest Post by Beccy Vigus

Friday 19th August – Friday Book Share & Review with Drea Damara

Monday 22nd August – Author Interview with Barry Knister

Tuesday 23rd August – Author Interview with Patricia Paris

Wednesday 24th August – Guest Post by Lisa Shambrook

Thursday 25th August – Author Interview with Sara Daniell

Friday 26th August – Friday Book Share – with BHC Press

Monday 29th August – Guest Post by Jean Booth

Tuesday 30th August – Author Interview with Tracy Meyer

Thursday 1st September – Meet the Team at Blue Harvest Creative

As if this wasn’t exciting enough, tomorrow I shall be introducing you to my body double for the next few weeks, Nikki Radvanyi. Nikki is a long-time friend and talented Business and Marketing Support. She will be running a tight ship in my absence (okay, I’m sorry – that was a bad cruise pun!)

Nikki and I doing our impression of Thelma & Louise

All that’s left for me to do is pack the sun lotion, prise the kids away from their Xbox, and stock up on tea and biscuits for the house/cat sitter.

Have a fabulous summer everyone and see you in September 🙂



23 thoughts on “#TuesdayBookBlog The Big Blue Takeover – Part 1 #BHCAuthors”

  1. You are SO bikini ready, and I am still in awe of the organisation, bothering to do all this for when you’re away – I’d just think, f**k everything and go!!!

    Probably why I’m not very successful… 😉 😀

    Have a wonderful time!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Enjoy and have fun! Got a huge kick out of your graphics—especially the Jaws theme one. We promise to behave…okay well not really…but we do promise to have fun! 😀


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