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#FridayBookShare Legion: Skin Deep by Brandon Sanderson #SciFi #Fantasy

07 _ 10 _ 2014 (4)

I created the Friday Book Share Game to help search for that ideal novel/author.

Anyone can have a go – all you need to do is answer the following questions based on a book you enjoyed reading and use the hashtag #FridayBookShare – Simples!

First line of the book.

Recruit fans by adding the book blurb.

Introduce the main character using only three words.

Delightful design (add the cover image of the book).

Audience appeal (who would enjoy reading this book?)

Your favourite line/scene.

Here’s mine:

Our local library is having a facelift, and so I wandered in last week to see how it was coming along. As is always the case when surrounded by books, I ended up coming home with a large variety – this one caught my eye in the fantasy section. Legion: Skin Deep

First line – ‘What’s her angle?’ Ivy asked, walking around the table with her arms folded.

Recruit fans by adding the book blurb

Following the success of Legion, Legion: Skin Deep charts another fast moving and gripping adventure for Stephen Leeds, AKA Legion. Leeds is a genius, his mind contains too much information. And to cope it has split his skills off into individual personalities. They crowd his head and he lives with them in a vast empty mansion. While he can call on any one of them to solve a problem he also walks a line across an all-consuming madness.

In development for television Brandon Sanderson’s Legion stories are gripping psychological thrillers, perfect for any fan of speculative fiction. They will resonate particularly strongly with fans of stories about that other tortured crime-fighting genius: Sherlock Holmes.

Legion: Skin Deep is an all-new, action-packed novella starring one of the most fascinating and charismatic heroes ever.

Introduce the main characterSmart, heroic, psychotic!

Delightful Design


Audience appeal Perfect for established fans of Brandon Sanderson, lovers of science fiction, thrillers, fantasy, and gripping character driven stories.

Your favourite line/scene

Every cell in your body contains seven hundred and fifty megs of data,’ the engineer said. ‘For comparison, one of your fingers holds as much information as the entire internet. Of course, your information is repeated and redundant, but the fact remains that cells are capable of great storage.’

Garvas, the engineer, was an affable man in a button-down shirt with a pair of aviator sunglasses hanging from the pocket. He wasn’t particularly overweight, but had some of the round-edges that came from a life working a desk job. He was building a dinosaur out of Legos on the table as he spoke, while Yol paced outside, taking a call.

‘Do you have any idea of the potential there?’ Garvas continued, snapping on the head. ‘As the years pass, technology shrinks, and people grow tired of carrying around bulky laptops, phones, tablets. Our goal is to find a way to do away with that by using the body itself.’

BUY a copy of Legion: Skin Deep from Amazon UK or Amazon US

3 thoughts on “#FridayBookShare Legion: Skin Deep by Brandon Sanderson #SciFi #Fantasy”

  1. I would definitely count myself as “an established fan of Brandon Sanderson.” Somehow, I’ve missed this one, and must rectify that right away. Thanks for sharing, Shelley! Heading to Amazon even as I type (and don’t think that isn’t a mean trick!) 🙂

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