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Motivate Me! Oracle Guidebook #Motivation #Happiness

A couple of years ago I ran a series of workshops for ladies called ‘Motivate Me!’ They were so much fun to facilitate, and I received wonderful feedback from the attendees. Off the back of these, I created a set of Oracle cards with a motivational twist.

If you’ve never come across Oracle cards before then, allow me to fill you in. They are a close relation to tarot, however, in a traditional tarot deck, you get 78 cards split into 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana. With Oracle cards there is no set structure, some packs have 40 cards, and others have over 60.


Both tarot and oracle cards are used as a tool for guidance, encouraging a deeper connection. Ultimately they are used for entertainment purposes, but they can also offer profound answers to some of the complex questions we ask.

I’ve got fifteen sets of oracle cards which I use fairly regularly. My favourite deck is by Doreen Virtue, Messages from your Angels, however, there are thousands of varieties of subjects and themes ranging from numerology to dolphins, life purpose to steampunk. The messages are similar, but it’s a personal choice as to the type of card deck you go for.

When I’d completed my Motivate Me! Workshops I was able to piece together 52 messages that resonated with the lessons I’d covered on the courses. I wanted to design cards that could be used year after year, so I created one card (or message) for every week of the year.

When I showed my publisher, they were excited to put together the concept, but they had an alternative twist, ‘Instead of cards, we make a guidebook.’ I loved this idea, and so the project began to take shape from there.

The original artwork for the cover was created by talented illustrator, Alli Kappen, and she captured the four seasons of the year perfectly. The interior is set up in a similar way to oracle cards, with a short message and beautiful graphic.


The only difference between the book and a deck of cards is the lack of shuffling required! With the book, it’s best to sit with the paperback between the palms of your hands and think about a question that you want advice on, or just ask for guidance for the week ahead. When you feel ready, open the book at a random page and read the message within.

The guidebook is also available in eBook format, and I wondered how the choosing of a page would translate to the digital platform, however, my brilliant publisher had it covered. In the eBook there is a contents page with a row of numbers, using the same process as if you were holding the paperback, think about your question, choose a number and click – you will be taken to the relevant page where you can read the message. Simples!

As an avid user of oracle and tarot cards, I am so excited to see the birth of this beautiful little book. I hope that the messages within can offer guidance, wisdom, and hope for everyone that uses it.

As a final note, I’d like to say a huge thank you to my meditation classes. The ladies who attended these sessions were my beta readers, and it was their enthusiasm, excitement, and feedback that made me pursue this project in the first place. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I hope you like the finished product as much as you enjoyed ‘playing’ with my mock-up card deck.

To grab yourself a copy of the Motivate Me! Oracle Guidebook visit Amazon UK or Amazon US.

‘A beautiful gift for Christmas that continues giving year after year.’


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8 thoughts on “Motivate Me! Oracle Guidebook #Motivation #Happiness”

  1. Fantastic Shelley and excited that the idea will work well in both paperback and e-format, how clever. The illustrations look lovely too, I’m a believer of these things, I shall make this my Christmas book and help me plan my Next Year’s resolutions.

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