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#BookReview The Purpose Plan by Jennie Aberle #NonFiction #SelfHelp

Book Review

The Purpose Plan by Jennie Aberle

My Rating: 3*


My Review:

I do enjoy reading personal development books aimed at helping us achieve our dreams. Unfortunately, I’ve read so many self-help books over the years that they tend to re-tell me something I already know. I had high hopes for The Purpose Plan as it claimed to be able to help me find my special sauce!

I love the idea of this book, and while it is well written, I did feel that it needed fattening up. Aside from the error in the blurb, this book would have benefited from a good proofread and edit, as well as tightening up on some formatting issues. Nothing major, but it did detract from my reading.

As I mentioned, there are thousands of self-help books on the market and it takes something unique to stand out from the crowd; I didn’t feel that Jennie’s voice came through and,  unfortunately, the content contained nothing new.

The author uses a large quantity of stories about other people, with an abundance of examples of how celebrities changed, or improved their lives, together with quotes.

While it is interesting to find out how famous people achieve XYZ, I would have liked to read more about the author’s story. What makes her tick, how does she work out her purpose?

I read this book in one sitting but felt slightly disappointed that I didn’t learn anything new. I think it would work much better as a personal account/memoir where we can connect with the author and learn from her unique journey rather than reading the same old lessons.

While The Purpose Plan didn’t hit the spot for me, it may be just the right book for another reader. Personal development is a unique path, and we must cater to our own needs, and choose what we feel will resonate with our lifestyle.


You may think you don’t have a purpose in life, but YOU DO! Others are not “chosen” to live a fabulous fulfilling life while you are left behind – you just haven’t found your special sauce yet. The Purpose Plan can help you! This is a practical guide, involving mental, emotional and physical work, to find your life purpose. The Purpose Plan takes you beyond finding it to pursuing it on a daily basis and having the belief to live it every day. To empower and inspire you throughout the process, The Purpose Plan is littered with real-life examples, words from famous leaders and authors, and scientific studies. A free gift of my 3 Day Purpose Finder workshop is in the foreward, as well I offer ongoing online support – details in the book.

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