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You’re Never Too Old to be a Daddy’s Girl #familylife #SundayBlogShare

My name’s Shelley and I’m a daddy’s girl!

I’m incredibly fortunate to have a strong bond with my dad, and over the years he has provided me, and my three children, with more support, guidance, and love than anyone could ever wish for.

Dad celebrated a ‘big’ birthday yesterday. He told me that seventy is the new fifty and he’s sticking with that!

His humour has evolved over the years to put even the most cutting comedian to the test, his fitness levels continue to surpass anyone twenty years his junior, and his striking resemblance to Sean Connery continues to be a talking point for all bar owners up and down the Mediterranean coast.

However, to me, he’s dad; the big friendly giant who invented bedtime stories for me, the keen cyclist who encouraged me during my cycling proficiency test. He’s the man who travelled the world when I was young bringing my brother and me exotic gifts from far-flung lands. He had that unique fatherly knack of putting the fear of god into you when you’d broken something, but then secretly telling you he’d hated that ornament/vase/plant pot! He’s never put off by a challenge and has set up camp on many a British beach under rolling thunderclouds. He will sunbathe anywhere!


His support extended throughout my belligerent teens, emotional twenties, difficult thirties, and well into my forties. (He’s even read all the young adult fantasy fiction books I’ve written – now, that’s dedication for you!)

I’ve blogged about my dear old dad before, the most recent being a scary moment when he was knocked off his bike by a speeding motorist. You can read that post HERE. I’m happy to say he is recovering well and has even ventured back onto his bike!

I wanted to share a few precious photographs of the man who shaped who I am today. So, for one day only, he’s a blogging sensation. (NB: When I told him about this post he said ‘what’s a blog?’ hmmm) 😉

Happy birthday, dad! We love you to the moon and back xxx

57 thoughts on “You’re Never Too Old to be a Daddy’s Girl #familylife #SundayBlogShare”

  1. Happy birthday to your daddy!
    My dad has his 70th in a few weeks time (and I am totally still a Daddy’s girl) so I know how you feel! Long live awesome dads!!

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  2. This is lovely. He invented bedtime stories, supported you through those teen years… Those stuck with me. And he continues to support you (and your children). 💞 Glad he is doing better and hope he had a wonderful birthday! (The photos are awesome.)

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  3. You’re right! You’re never too old to be a daddy’s girl. Unfortunately, my daughter hasn’t accepted it yet, but I’ll keep badgering her until she comes around.
    Great post, Shelley – family is so important

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  4. Hi Shelley,
    I agree it’s never too late to be a daddy’s girl. I was until my dad passed away when I was seven months pregnant. Thank you for liking my “successful blogging: do you need certain qualities” post. May I ask where you found it? It’s rather an old post now. I always wonder. Thanks again for the visit.


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