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I write. I read. I review. #FridayReads #NonFiction #YA

Reading is a favourite hobby of mine, not just as a way to escape the daily grind but it also helps evolve my skills as a writer. It was Stephen King who told us “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others. Read a lot and write a lot.”

Losing yourself in a good book is the perfect way to relax and unwind. It’s thought that reading for just six minutes a day can reduce stress levels by 68%.

Sharing the wonderful books I’ve read and reviewed is the highlight of my blogging life. When a book touches my heart or reduces me to tears, makes me laugh out loud, or shudder with fear, then I know I’ve found a masterpiece.

Over the past three and a half years of blogging on my author site, I’ve shared an abundance of author interviews, which you can read HERE, and a host of book reviews, which you can find HERE. Reading is a passion and thanks to that hunger for words I was able to fulfil my dream of becoming a writer.

On today’s post, I want to share my own books with you. This is something I tend to forget to do as I love boosting my favourite authors and their novels. Self-promotion is something I do struggle with, but my lack of shouting from the rooftops is no reflection on the pride I feel when talking about my own writing.

My non-fiction titles appear under the personal development and self-help categories, covering topics such as meditation, vision boards, and unique challenges. In contrast, I also write young adult fantasy fiction, weaving stories about faeries, witches, and dragons.

Want to know more? Then keep reading or pop over to my Author Website or Amazon Author Page.

How I Changed My Life in a Year: One Woman’s Mission to Lose Weight, Get Fit, Beat Her Demons, And Find Happiness…In Twelve Easy Steps!

Straight-talking, honest and with touches of humour, Shelley Wilson shares her journey as she sets out to prove that being a 40-something, single mum with back fat and grey hairs isn’t the end of life as we know it.

From fighting flab to writing a 50,000 word novel in 30 days, Shelley covers a wide variety of themes as she tackles twelve challenges in twelve months.

Packed with affirmations, tips, steps and links, How I Changed My Life in a Year will keep you motivated for the year to come and beyond.

Based in the popular Resolution Challenge blog, Shelley shows how one year can change your life.


Wellbeing Workshop: Meditation for Beginners.

Meditation for Beginners will escort you through the benefits, science and the step-by-step process of meditating to help you achieve a calm and balanced life.

If you don’t know a chakra from a chorizo or prefer a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes over walking barefoot on dew-covered grass, then this is the book for you.

The Wellbeing Workshop guides are designed as a ‘handbag mentor,’ for when you want to dip your toe into the world of spirituality and self-help.

Read them as standalone titles, or collect the series – the choice is yours.



Wellbeing Workshop: Vision Boards for Beginners.

Vision Boards for Beginners takes you through the creative process of visualising what you want in your life and putting the pieces together in such a way as to attract your wishes.

A practical, down-to-earth guide to get you started with this highly beneficial motivational tool. Vision boards are something the entire family can enjoy.

The Wellbeing Workshop guides are designed as a ‘handbag mentor,’ for when you want to dip your toe into the world of spirituality and self-help.

Read them as standalone titles, or collect the series – the choice is yours.


Motivate Me! An Oracle Guidebook

Designed to give you a weekly boost of motivation, this sixty-four page guidebook will offer you a positive dose of inspiration throughout the year.  Listen to your inner voice, pick a page, and then take meaning from the message you receive.


Guardians of the Dead (Book 1 of the Guardian Series) YA Fantasy

When sixteen-year-old Amber Noble’s dreams begin to weave into her reality, she turns to the mysterious Connor for help. His links to the supernatural world uncover a chilling truth about her hometown and a pact that must be re-paid with blood.

As her father alienates her, and the Guardians take her best friend, her true destiny unfolds, and she begins a quest that will see her past collide with her present.

Drawn deeper into the world of witchcraft and faeries, it is only at the end of her journey that she realises how much she could lose.


Guardians of the Sky (Book 2 of the Guardian Series)

Following their daring escape from the demon realm, Amber and her friends become caught up in a war between good and evil. They must join forces with the Queen’s warriors to overthrow a malevolent force that has spread across Avaveil, the land of the Fae.

But, as her powers grow, Amber is faced with the real possibility that she is a danger to the ones she loves. Her full strength is yet to be tested in a way she can’t comprehend.

Dragons, faeries and humans stand side-by-side as they are drawn into a cunning battle of magic and surprising revelations. Can Amber survive long enough to see her dreams fulfilled?


Guardians of the Lost Lands (Book 3 of the Guardian Series)

The evil that lurks in the Lost Lands threatens to infest the realms unless Amber, Redka, and Connor can destroy it. But Amber is more concerned about her father’s safety as he is held captive by the wickedness that terrorises them all.

Amber faces isolation and mistrust from her friends as they travel across land and sea to meet their most dangerous foe.

Will she be able to stay true to her destiny as the last Oracle, or will she be tempted by the darkness? The fate of the realms is in her hands.

Amber’s final quest will be her most terrifying yet. This time, it will be deadly.


Coming Soon…

Oath Breaker (Due out in June 2017)

Will she follow the pack…

Or will she destroy them?

A dead mother.

A violent father.

A missing brother.

When Mia’s father is murdered, it’s her estranged uncle that comes to the rescue, but what he offers her in return for his help could be worse than the life she is leaving behind.

Taken to Hood Academy, a unique school deep in the forest, she discovers friendships, love, and the courage to stand on her own.

As she trains hard, Mia takes the oath that seals her future as a werewolf hunter, but not everyone wants Mia to succeed.

Screams in the night. Secret rooms. Hidden letters. Mia becomes an important piece in a game she doesn’t want to play.

Will the truth set her free, or will it destroy her?

How I Motivated Myself to Succeed: In Life, Finding Happiness, Changing Habits and Releasing Fears. (Due out 2017)

If you’ve ever felt like life is passing you by at a startling rate, or you just exist day to day rather than living life to the full, this book will share honest, straightforward, and realistic techniques to help motivate you to make powerful changes.

From setting goals and organising your life, to freeing yourself from fear, Shelley shares the unique story of how she planned, prepared, and executed the year of challenges and life-changing events brought about by her motivational, award-winning blog.

How I Motivated Myself to Succeed is full of practical tips, exercises, and real-life stories of success, including advice on how to trust yourself and celebrate achievements, as well as manage your time and balance your life effectively.

Shelley’s first book, How I Changed My Life in a Year, became a bestseller in self-help and memoir as it struck a nerve with the thousands of women looking to make a difference and be the best they could be.

Dubbed as the sequel-that’s-not-a-sequel, this book can be enjoyed before or after reading How I Changed My Life in a Year.

I have more ideas for future titles than there are hours in the day to work on them, but I look forward to sharing them with you in the years to come. My writing skills, however, will only continue to evolve because of my passion for reading. So, as a fellow reader, I wish you all a day full of adventure, love, crime, or paranormal romance. Whatever your preference, lose yourself in the pages of a book today, and if it just so happens to be one of mine then I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoyed this post. Want more? Connect with me here:  Twitter @ShelleyWilson72, Instagram or check out my Facebook pages and You can also find me on Pinterest



22 thoughts on “I write. I read. I review. #FridayReads #NonFiction #YA”

  1. I absolutely love that you’ve done this. I ❤ this post.

    I can relate: "Self-promotion is something I do struggle with, but my lack of shouting from the rooftops is no reflection on the pride I feel when talking about my own writing." I am so interested in all of your books. I'm a huge YA fan, as you know, and your inspirational books look amazing, especially the Oracle guidebook. I have most of your books, just need to move them up my TBR list!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Sarah! I went to an event recently where the speaker was talking about the 80/20 rule of engaging with your target audience (80% chat/20% sales). It was then I realised I was doing 99/1 haha! I wrote this post when I got home! I can totally relate to a mammoth TBR list so I hope you enjoy my books when they get to the top xx 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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