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Time to Cast Your Vote #BloggersBash #Inspirational #Blogger

On 1st January 2013, I wrote and published my first blog post! Little did I know that it would start a wonderful blogging adventure full of new friends, quirky topics, umpteen grammatical errors, and an abundance of award ceremonies!


Last year, I shared an excited post after winning the Most Inspirational Blogger Award at the Bloggers Bash in London. I actually had jaw ache because I couldn’t stop grinning 😉 You can read that post HERE.

Well, if that’s not incredible enough, some kind-hearted fellow blogger believed me worthy of another nomination for the 2017 Bloggers Bash. Yep, double whammy! Thank you from the bottom of my heart if you nominated me.

So here I am, on my metaphorical knees (my real ones are just too damn painful) hoping to beg, borrow, or steal a vote in this year’s awards.

Here is the criteria for my category:

Most Inspirational Blogger Award

Who consistently inspires you? Is there a blogger that’s thought provoking and inquisitive? Or perhaps they have become a muse to you with constant provision of inspirational content or imagery? Who’s the one blogger that’s touched your heart? This is the nomination for them.

There are ten awards in total, and you can find out all about them, and the incredible bloggers who have been nominated for each award HERE.

I shall be heading down to London on the 10th June to find out the results and spend some quality time with my fellow bloggers. The event is so much fun, and win or lose, I look forward to blogging about it and sharing the merriment.

Please cast your vote HERE and if you feel that I am a worthy candidate, then please accept a HUGE thank you from me to you.

Where do I blog?

You’ve found me here on my author blog where I share book reviews, interviews with fabulous authors and bloggers, random musings about inspirational characters, book, and writing related posts, occasional posts about my family and health and more recently my film reviews.

You can also find me over on my personal development blog, Motivate Me where I share my passion for self-help, happiness, and motivation with a healthy dose of inspiration.

Feel free to have a mooch around both my blogs as I’m sure you’ll find something to make you think, giggle, or smile. Thanks for visiting.

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Over the moon to have been nominated for the Most Inspirational Blogger Award 2017!

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