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How One of My Travel Writing Goals Came True During Lockdown #CampervanWriter #Goals

If you check my bio on any of the social media platforms I use, you’ll see two words repeated over and over – writing and travel. You may think this means I’m the next Bill Bryson or Sara Wheeler, but sadly no. My travel adventures aren’t quite as epic as Antarctica. No, they’re more likely… Continue reading How One of My Travel Writing Goals Came True During Lockdown #CampervanWriter #Goals

Mardi Gras 2020, New Orleans
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Surviving my first Mardi Gras #Travel #NewOrleans

When I told my UK friends that I was heading to New Orleans for Mardi Gras they responded with the customary ‘oh, how lovely, I wish I was going’ that you would expect from anyone staying behind. My US friends, however, mentioned the phrase ‘baptism of fire’ far too often for me to ignore! What… Continue reading Surviving my first Mardi Gras #Travel #NewOrleans

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Visiting #LakeGarda in the Autumn #TravelTuesday #Italy

Going abroad later in the year isn’t something I’ve done before. Travelling overseas has always been a summer activity for my family and me. We tick off the days on our calendar until the hot weather arrives and we save our pennies for the ice creams, new flip flops, and customary local merchandise (yes, I’ve… Continue reading Visiting #LakeGarda in the Autumn #TravelTuesday #Italy

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Adios, Farewell, Au Revoir… #Blogging

Thanks to Suzie Speaks and her incredibly successful Facebook Group, Big Up Your Blog (opening up to new members soon), I have discovered a plethora of bloggers who write content on a wide variety of topics. There are blogs discussing mental health, fitness, emotions, vegan diets, family life, music, writing, and much more. There are… Continue reading Adios, Farewell, Au Revoir… #Blogging