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I’m delighted to share news about the Enter.Stage.Write 2017 regional writing competition.


Aspiring screen, theatre and movie writers are given the chance to take centre stage with a regional writing competition!


Budding screen and stage writers are being encouraged to enter a writing competition which launches in the Midlands this month aiming to give them the opportunity to see their work performed published and perhaps even commissioned.

The Transition Stage Company launched on July 1 with the competition called Enter.Stage.Write, designed to give aspiring screen and stage writers across England and the West Midlands the chance to see their work brought to life.

Enter.Stage.Write is open to anyone to write a 7 to 10-minute play and submit it. The shortlisted mini-plays will then be performed at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre by West Midlands Actors on 19th September 2017 in a glittering night which will see entrants, actors and dignitaries alike arrive to a red-carpet reception.

Founder, Natalie Edwards, an actress who hails from Sutton Coldfield in Birmingham but whose career has taken her as far as New York City, said she felt compelled to launch the competition as so few screen writers are ever given real opportunity.


“The sad reality is that there are many highly skilled creatives not only in the West Midlands but other regions, hungry for a chance to prove themselves” she said.

“Unfortunately, their talents are overlooked or they are forced to travel to search elsewhere for exposure. Enter.Stage.Write provides an opportunity for us to acknowledge and reward creative writing talent right here. “

The red-carpet event will show-case the shortlisted ten plays, with cash prizes, trophies and the opportunity for applicants to have their work published. Natalie wants all of the winners to get the recognition they deserve.

A guest panel of judges made up of industry experts and business and community leaders will select the finalists. The winning scriptwriter will receive £1,000 cash prize.

Natalie added that the Transition Stage Company would be encouraging all aspiring writers to enter the competition. She said there was no age limit and 10% of profits from the event would be donated to Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

People wanting to enter the competition should follow the link below and follow the guidelines on the Transition Stage Company website. Information is provided on how to submit an entry and there is additional info on workshops to assist writers with their writing.

The closing date for writing submissions is 31st August 2017

About Transition Stage Company

Transition Stage Company was founded in Manhattan, New York, by Natalie Edwards, an actor and entrepreneur. She developed the company under the mentorship of the late Ron Tipp, producer of 1996 blockbuster, Space Jam.

The ethos was to give visual artists in New York City a Platform through theatre, Cinema and events in which they could gain exposure and representation.

Natalie has worked in independent film and theatre for eight years, returning to Birmingham in 2014 to study for an MA at the Birmingham School of Acting. She has recently been filming for various BBC TV Shows.

Natalie’s dream is to nurture Midland talent, creating an eco-system of work, paving the way for local writers and performers

For details on Transition Stage Company please contact  +447446739099

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