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#BookReview The Lost Elf by @DaniellSara @BHCPressBooks #Christmas #ChildrensBooks

Title: The Lost Elf

Author: Sara Daniell

Illustrator: Brittney Guest

Publisher: BHC Press

Category: Children’s Fiction/Christmas

The Lost Elf

Book Blurb:

An elf’s quest to find Santa is just the beginning…

Stuck in the forest of creepy and night, an Elf searches for Santa with all of her might. Can this lonely elf find what she longs? Only magic can bring her to where she belongs.

My Review:

Christmas, magic, and elves – what’s not to love! Unfortunately, my children are all too old for children’s books, but when the chance arises to read a beautiful story, then I rarely pass it up.

I’ve enjoyed reading author, Sara Daniell’s contemporary young adult fiction in the past and when I spotted this seasonal tale, I thought I’d indulge my inner child.

Aimed at the 4-9 age bracket, The Lost Elf tells the story of a little elf who has lived all alone without friends and neighbours. She longs to find Santa so he can take her home where she belongs. The story is accompanied by a colourful set of illustrations that complement the wording perfectly.

The Lost Elf is a delightful little children’s book that would make a lovely Christmas Eve gift for both adult and child to share.

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About the Author:

Sara Daniell

Sara Daniell’s story started in the quiet little town of Cedarburg, Wisconsin until her dad’s job transferred him to Arkansas. She thought life would officially be over with that move, but to her surprise, Arkansas is where she found love, married her best friend and had her two amazing daughters.

For years, Sara was a closet writer. Something most knew nothing about because she felt like she’d be looked down upon since most weren’t accepting of writing about fantasy worlds and magic. It wasn’t until her best friend and husband told her she needed to pursue what made her happy and to hide that for no one. So, with a deep breath and a beat up laptop, she did it.

Sara has made many close friends in the writing business and says it feels like a family more than anything else. She says she feels more confident in herself for pursuing what she loves and not letting the limited perceptions of others’ define who she is. She’s a go getter, a dream chaser, and if that makes her crazy, that’s fine with her.

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