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Thanks to author, Susan Starkey, and Rachel Gilbey for providing me with an ARC copy of Life After Death Beyond Doubt ahead of the blog tour. As an avid reader of self-help and spiritual books, I jumped at the chance to read Sue’s book, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Title: Life After Death Beyond Doubt

Author: Susan Starkey

Category: Non-Fiction/Spiritual/MBS

My Rating: 4 Star

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My Review:

I’m a true believer in life after death, but I understand how sceptical people can be on this topic. I have my own stories that confirm my beliefs, but I also enjoy reading about other people’s journey and interpretation.

Life After Death reads like a personal journal which appeals to the writer in me. Susan documents her voyage as she opens her mind to the possibilities of mediumship. She joins the Circle, a group of like-minded people following a similar path guided by their teacher, George, an accredited Spiritualist Minister. Each member of the group has unique spiritual gifts and Sue documents these alongside her own advances.

Having trained as a Reiki Master Teacher, I could see so many similarities between the lessons Susan and her class were working through and my self-work. For me, it was all about getting myself ‘out of the way’ when it came to working with energy, and I could resonate with Susan when she felt doubts.

The beauty of this book is how Susan shares her misgivings as well as her successes. I relate to this on so many levels as without failures we would never learn a thing. She is honest with herself. The introduction to Sue’s spirit guides triggered a memory for me which was most welcome. As part of my Reiki training, I connected with a guide, an African warrior with a spear and animal skin shield. I’d almost forgotten about him, so when I was reading about Sue’s guides and his picture popped into my head, I felt incredibly light.

The section on automatic writing was fascinating, and I’d love to read more on this subject, the inclusion of Susan’s photographic evidence was a lovely touch.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Susan’s story and how the book finishes at the beginning of the next stage in her development. I wish her luck on her journey and would recommend this book for anyone with an interest in life after death, mediumship, or a thirst for personal development.

Book Blurb:

Life After Death Beyond Doubt: How my Spirit Guide gave me factual evidence of my previous life on earth

There is one universal question to which there seems to be no definitive answer: what happens to us when we die? Many people have their own individual theories; different faiths have different beliefs. The rest of us we can merely shrug and resign ourselves to the fact that we can never know the unknowable. Just a few years ago, Susan Starkey would have felt the same way. But following a move to Spain, a sequence of astonishing events changed her life dramatically, turning her scepticism on its head, especially regarding the question of what happens to us when we die. Starkey is now convinced that there is a life after death; this book reveals her personal experiences and shares the verifiable evidence of her discoveries. In this profound story, Susan Starkey explains how she uncovered the roots to her past life, along with a vast family network that had been lost to her for centuries. She shares her ability to contact the Spirit World through a new-found ability to communicate through automatic writing. Life After Death Beyond Doubt is a remarkable and insightful guide to the afterlife, one which will bring comfort to others who may be searching for the answers that Susan Starkey has been given. Her work may prove beyond doubt that there is an existence after death and that we never truly die.

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About the Author:

Life After Death - Sue Croppedn latest

After leaving the corporate rat race, Susan Starkey moved with her husband to the idyllic countryside of Andalucia Spain where she enjoys exploring the natural beauty of the area, sampling the regions delicacies and on occasion turning her hand to property renovation projects. A previous sceptic, Susan has since embraced Mediumship after a chance invitation to a spiritualist meeting strongly challenged all the beliefs she held and led her on a path of spiritual discovery.

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