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Meet @j_e_reed_author #Author of Running With the Wolves @BHCPressBooks #Fantasy #PreOrder

I am delighted to invite author, J E Reed on my blog today to talk about her new fantasy novel, Running With the Wolves, due for release in July 2018.

Author profile pic J Reed BHC

The Fun Stuff:

What part of the world do you come from?

I’ve lived most of my life on the outskirts of Cincinnati, Ohio. I spent my childhood in Knoxville Tennessee.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I watched Free Willy as a child and for the longest time I wanted to work at SeaWorld as a trainer. As I grew, I thought of pursuing Marine Biology and even considered traveling to California for an animal training program. Through all this, I could always be found reading and writing my own adventures. I still plan to work at Cincinnati Zoo one day or at the very least function as a volunteer.

List three words to describe yourself.

Creative, Curious, Adventurous

Cobie SmuldersWho would play you in a film about your life?

Cobie Smulders.

What’s your favourite snack food when writing?

Anything crunchy though I tend to lean toward popcorn.

If you had a super power, what would it be?

Telekinesis. I’ve always been fascinated with this ability and really love the concept. Perhaps I’ll have to write a story that centers on it someday.

The Sensible Side

Tell us a little about yourself. (How did you get started writing?  What do you do when you’re not writing?)

If you were to ask friends and family, they would tell you I’m always up to something new. I don’t like to be bored. I have a natural love for the outdoors and can always be found hiking, camping or fishing. I’ve also developed a tradition in getting my friends together for a Mud Race once a year (They’re reluctant to do more). I started creating stories when I was young, imagining my stuffed animals as characters and began putting these stories on paper when I was old enough to write. This stayed with me though the years until I finally sat down to write longer, more thought out adventures. I explored a lot in the fanfiction realm and people loved the way I wrote so I decided it was time to pen an original.

Where did the inspiration for Running with the Wolves come from?

Running with the wolves cover ST

Though I love the outdoors, I’m also a big fan of video games. As an adult I discovered there were games that allowed you to play with people all over the world. Through one such game I discovered how people reacted to one another, why they followed leaders and what qualities those leaders needed in order to govern a group of people. I watched as diverse cultures interacted or fought and how friends stuck together through difficult situations. In this environment, the concept of Running with the Wolves came to be.

What do you like most about writing Fantasy/Sci-Fi?

I love two things. Creating the characters and creating the environment. Deep characters can be created with any story, but the events in a fictional world allow you to dive into depths of a character that might not have otherwise been explored. I’ll admit, I don’t generally plan the world before I write. I create scenarios for characters to overcome. By writing Fantasy, that scenario can be anything I imagine, and the imagination is limitless.

Can you give us a brief excerpt of Running with the Wolves?


Realm: 1

Day: 1

Lying in bed, the chatter caused her mind to stir from that blissful place that lingers on the edge of dreams. It was too loud, too early. She rolled over, the fog slowly clearing as voices turned to song, birds greeting the morning sun. Strange how they’d never woken her before.

She groaned, reaching for a pillow, but something stung her fingertip, and she jolted. A small droplet of blood formed on the tip of her index finger. Her heart thundered as she looked at the culprit and then her surroundings.

This wasn’t her room.

Instead of cool sheets and a soft bed, she lay on dead leaves and grass, the musty forest scent filling her nostrils. White walls were replaced by an endless array of trees that blotted out the sun, save for a few rays that fought their way through.

She blinked, pushing herself up.

Am I still dreaming?

Her finger pulsed as she scanned the vicinity, and fear crawled into her mind.


No fire, no tent or tracks. Nothing that indicated civilization existed.

Surely someone had to be here, someone could explain—wait, had she been abducted?

Who would want to kidnap her? Why wasn’t she bound if that were the case? The list of reasons for waking in the middle of a forest were slim. Abduction, a lapse in memory, a vacation gone horribly wrong.

She stood, using a tree for support, but dizziness rocked her back. She leaned her head against the trunk, waiting for the spell to pass.

Small specks flew across her vision. Abduction seemed the most likely of scenarios, but where were her captors? Could a drug explain her lapse in memory?

The last thing she could recall was dressing for bed. The girl examined herself, pleased to find shorts and a tee-shirt rather than pajamas. Brown hair hung loose around tan shoulders, and nothing around her wrists indicated she’d been bound. The only odd possession she carried was a little bracelet with leather threaded around a small blue stone. White veins traced a sky-colored surface like cracks of lightning.

Unease settled in her gut at the name etched on its surface.


It was a surrogate name. Something she used for gaming and online activities. Few knew her—

She paused. Her name. She couldn’t remember her name…

(Pre-order Running With the Wolves HERE.)

What can we expect from you in the future? 

Currently I’m working on the sequel to Running with the Wolves. I plan for the series to be a trilogy though I can’t promise a fourth won’t sneak its way in. Only time will tell. Beyond that, I have a whole notebook full of ideas ranging from pirates to dragons. Ooh, I love the idea of dragons!! 🙂 

How can we contact you or find out more about your books?


Email List:




Amazon Author Page:

Book Blurb:

Ten realms will test everything…

For two years she led an alliance, forming bonds with people from around the world—but someone was watching. Chronopoint was only meant to be a game, until she found herself trapped in that world.

Fighting to survive, Kiuno discovers she’s not the only player who has been thrown into this strange land. Hideous, twisted monsters only seen in nightmares plague their every move. Untold powers lie at the hands of the chosen and flames dance at her fingertips.

Can Kiuno find the players from her alliance or will she be too late and discover death has taken far more than she ever imagined?

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