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#CoverReveal Snowflake by @HeideGoody and @IainMGrant #humour #blogtour

Heide and IainA few years ago I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Heide Goody in the real world (I’d stalked her for some time online!). I love her passion, humour, and drive and always feel totally inspired whenever we speak. With her partner in crime, co-author, Iain Grant, they are racking up the published works and spreading the giggles far and wide.

When Heide mentioned the release of their latest book, Snowflake, which is out on Friday 20th July, I couldn’t resist offering to help share the good news.

Here’s the blurb:

“Lori Belkin has been dumped. By her parents.

They moved out while she was away on holiday, and now, at the tender age of twenty-five, she’s been cruelly forced to stand on her own two feet.

While she’s getting to grips with basic adulting, Lori magically brings to life the super-sexy man she created from celebrity photos as a teenager.

Lori learns very quickly that having your ideal man is not as satisfying as it ought to be and that being an adult is far harder than it looks.

Snowflake is a story about prehistoric pets, delinquent donkeys and becoming the person you want to be, not the person everyone else expects you to be”

And (drum roll please) here’s the cover:


If you want to get involved in the launch of Snowflake you can join Heide and Iain at their virtual launch party on 20th July 2018 between 7 pm and 9 pm (GMT), click HERE.

Want to find out more about Heide and Iain? Take a look at their website (pay particular interest to the Random Story Creator if you’re looking for hours of procrastination and laughs).

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