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Revealing the Micro Business Story #MicroBizShow

Revealing the Micro Business Story

On Monday 24th September I exhibited at the Micro Business Show at Hogarth’s Hotel in Solihull, West Midlands.

Micro Biz Show

The event was the brain child of Karen Heap (Orchard Business Development), Nichola Kelsey (Welcombe Productions) and Rebecca Jones (Glory Design) who wanted to create a business expo for the freelance, sole trader, and micro business community.

Promoting my writing courses and books, as well as my Motivate Me Academy, enabled me to uncover some amazing real life stories from the crowds of attendees.

Tapping into the hidden talents of everyone who stopped to chat, I organised a folding story game on my stand and got any willing passer-by to add a sentence with only the last person’s contribution to guide them. It was highly entertaining to watch their inner author emerge as they scribbled down the next plot twist.

As promised, I’m sharing the completed story here on my blog and publishing the names of the budding authors involved.

Presenting the Micro Business Story in full.

Get me a paper clip, a stick of gum, and some tinfoil…

The Family Network’s craft evening had started well, but the Prosecco was flowing.

Mandy gave out a loud squeal as she looked down in dismay. The scissors were much sharper than she’d realised.

As she was cutting out yet another picture of George Clooney from Hello Magazine, she had accidently chopped off his

Right hand! She added this picture to her massive collection of ‘famous people with their various appendages missing’. The collection was taking over her

The picture of Napoleon was standing out in particular because someone had painted in his missing arm. Now he was waving in the portrait looking like a happy lunatic.

If only we could all tap into our inner lunatic then maybe the artist could find a way to cover the world with paint and positivity.

And they all lived happily ever after. The end.

HUGE thanks to the authors of this crafty tale (pun intended). In no particular order: Victoria Alcock, Izabella Natrins, Holly Nixon, Sally Dhillon, Pheadra Elson, and Sharon Taylor.

Have a go at the folding story game at an event you’re running as it’s great fun. Start with a single sentence – get people to add the next line then fold over the previous sections so only one sentence is on show at once. I wasn’t sure if we were going to get horror or erotica in ours!!

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