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#BookReview Mumpreneur on Fire 3: 25 Inspirational Real Life Stories @MIBAssociation #NonFiction

Book Review

Title: Mumpreneur on Fire 3: 25 Inspirational Real Life Stories From Empowered Women: Volume 3

Author: Estelle Keeber

Category: Non-Fiction Small Business/Motherhood

My Rating: 5*

Mumpreneur 3

My Review:

Reading inspiring stories, especially from women, is an important part of my life. Having lived through my own traumas and made it to the other side, I find great comfort in hearing how other ladies have battled a variety of issues and gone on to succeed. It affirms to me that women are not only resilient, strong, and inspirational, but also capable of turning any bad situation into one of achievement.

The Mumpreneur on Fire 3 book contains twenty five awe-inspiring stories of women who have, against all the odds, turned their lives around and became successful entrepreneurs. I’m also honoured to have met one of the remarkable women, Claire Bartlett, who has a motivating story of her own.

If you enjoy reading success stories from real women rather than celebrities or need a little motivation in your life and a push to succeed, then I highly recommend the Mumpreneur on Fire 3 book.

The twenty-five stories have been collated by author Estelle Keeber, who, along with her sister, Leona Burton, founded the Mums in Business Association in 2017 which is a networking group that connects and inspires over 30,000 women across the globe.

Book Blurb:

Mumpreneur on Fire 3 is the much anticipated follow up to #1 bestseller Mumpreneur on Fire 2 released in early 2018. Battling through depression, kidnap, bereavement, suicide and more these 25 inspirational women share with you how they became successful mumpreneurs against all the odds!

BUY a copy via Amazon UK or Amazon US

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