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#BookReview The Truth Pixie by Matt Haig #TuesdayBookBlog

Title: The Truth Pixie

Author: Matt Haig

Category: Children

My Rating: 5*

Truth Pixie


My Review:

I’ve read a couple of Matt Haig’s adult books and find his words to be inspiring and motivational. His tweets help those of us struggling with depression to speak out and feel less alone. He is a legend in my eyes.

When I saw the excitement on Twitter around his latest release, The Truth Pixie, I had to investigate. Although it’s a children’s book I was instantly drawn in by the idea of teaching youngsters to love themselves – something we as adults could also work on.

The Truth Pixie shouldn’t be restricted to children! This book is delightful in every way. The illustrations by Chris Mould are stunning and the way the story flows is a joy to read. The Truth Pixie keeps herself hidden away as everything that comes out of her mouth is the truth – and people don’t want to hear the truth. She sees this as a curse and so her only friend is a mouse called Maarta who lives in her hair.

She tries to avoid everyone without luck and ends up upsetting a couple of elves, a rabbit and a large troll. The angry troll throws the poor pixie far, far away where she meets a sad little girl, but it’s here that her truth helps rather than hinders.

It was at this point I found my favourite page in the book which I’ve since photographed and stuck on my office wall.

Don’t forget who you are. You are a fighter.

As the dark in the sky makes the stars shine brighter,

You will find the bad stuff has good bits too.

The bad days are the days that make you you.

If you have children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, or just want to entertain your inner child then I highly recommend you get a copy of The Truth Pixie. It’s a beautiful book.


Wherever she is, whatever the day,

She only has one kind of thing to say.

Just as cats go meow and cows go moo,

The Truth Pixie can only say things that are true.

A very funny and loveable tale of how one special pixie learned to love herself.

With words by the bestselling mastermind Matt Haig and pictures by the inky genius Chris Mould.

BUY your copy of The Truth Pixie

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