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10 Bookish Questions: “The Last Book I…” #Books

10 Bookish Questions: ‘The Last Book I…’

I discovered this fun post on Davida’s blog, The Chocolate Lady’s Book Review Blog, and thought I’d give it a go.

1. The last book I gave up on.

Can’t remember the title but I do recall it was about vampires and ended up being a very bad attempt at supernatural porn.

2. The last book I re-read.

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare who is one of my favourite young adult authors. This book is like a comfort blanket for me, and I often return to the entire series.

3. The last book I bought.

My daughter bought me a Waterstones gift voucher for Christmas (she knows me so well!), and I used it to get a travel guide about Norway. I’m hoping to visit next year with my friend to see the Fjords and wanted to do some research.

4. The last book I said I read but actually didn’t.

I’ve never done this. I might not like a book and stop reading before the end, but I wouldn’t pretend to have read it. However, if Johnny Depp started chatting to me in a bar and told me his favourite book was Ulysses, I might tell a small white lie so that he’d keep talking to me!

5. The last book I wrote in the margins.

Russell Brand’s Freedom from our Addictions – brilliant book! He is one of those people who seem to attract a marmite reaction (love him or hate him), but I find him to be incredibly intelligent, down to earth, honest, and relatable. I made LOTS of notes in the margins of this book.

6. The last book I had signed.

I went to see Viv Groskop talk at the Stratford Literary Festival earlier this year and got her latest book How to Own the Room signed. Her talk was hilarious and insightful, and she took time to chat with everyone who bought her book afterwards.

7. The last book I lost.

Going back to my teenage days here, but I remember having a book about a young white girl who grew up in a Native American tribe. It was brilliant, and I read it over and over, but then it vanished from my life. I have no idea what the title was so haven’t been able to get another copy.

8. The last book I had to replace.

I had to buy another copy of How to Become a Money Magnet by Marie Claire Carlyle after I gave my original copy away to a friend in need. It’s a fabulous book about taking control of your finances and helped me to create my series of workshops back in 2011. (I also appreciate the irony of having to buy another copy!!!)

9. The last book I argued over.

Probably Harry Potter!!

10. The last book I couldn’t find.

Is this a trick question? I’ve never had any trouble finding books!

Feel free to join in and tag me so I can read your answers and discover new books.

19 thoughts on “10 Bookish Questions: “The Last Book I…” #Books”

  1. It’s fun reading about your reading history! I don’t think I’ve ever lost a book, or haven’t been able to find one. And I have a hard time not finishing a book, so I tend to take them all to the finish. As for saying I’ve read a book that I actually haven’t – I would never do that intentionally, but sometimes I forget if I’ve read something, especially if it’s from my high school years! Wishing you a Happy New Year, Shelley!

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  2. These are good questions! btw, I wouldn’t name the book I last gave up on, either. It would be just plain unnecessary to do so, not fair on the writer, however bad it was! I’d like to do this but still feel too grotty to embark on new blog posts!! Might bear it in mind though.

    Thanks again for all your support this year xx

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