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Exciting #NewRelease from Author and Nutrition/Lifestyle Coach, Izabella Natrins @isabelnatrins #Health #Wellbeing

Happy Release Day to Author and Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, Izabella Natrins.

I’m delighted to share this new book by my lovely friend and fellow author, Izabella. She has worked so hard on putting together a book that will inform, educate, and advise. Izabella is a nutrition and lifestyle expert with over 30 years’ experience in the health space. A former research psychologist, she is a qualified nutrition and lifestyle health coach, a Ballymaloe-trained nutritional chef, educator, author and speaker and the founder of the health and wellness website


Book Blurb

How would it feel to be full of energy instead of having to think about your health every day? What if you could find better health through changing the foods you eat? What if you discovered truths about food that made you want to change the way you eat?

Once Upon a Cook – Food Wisdom, Better Living is your call-to-action if you are confused and no longer know what to eat or where to shop.  It’s a call to care where your food comes from and become a more conscious and much healthier consumer. Discover the deep nutrition of meat, eggs, butter, cheeses and milk from grass-fed animals; bone and mineral broths; organic fruit and vegetables; wild-caught seafood; cultured and fermented foods; herbs and spices. These traditional foods were the medicine that kept generations of our ancestors free from the chronic diseases which plague us today and they helped me to reverse a progressive autoimmune disorder. They can do the same for you.

Once Upon a Cook – Food Wisdom, Better Living brings together traditional food wisdom supported by independent science, with over 40 delicious recipes to help you reclaim your kitchen and take back your health.

Once Upon a Cook by Izabella Natrins

Get a FREE pdf 4-chapter booklet which gives the background, EGGS chapter and summary of what the book covers.  It’s available to subscribers via, together with an offer of a discounted signed copy.

BUY your copy today.

Want to learn more about Izabella? Connect with her here:

Health is wealth – invest in yours


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