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Plan Your Blog Like a Pro #NewRelease #BloggingTips #Workbook

People blog for a variety of reasons. The why is going to be personal to you and your situation. Are you blogging for the fun of it, or are you blogging as part of your business?

This is the question I ask all my blogging clients when we meet for our Blog Brainstorming Sessions and workshops. Why are you blogging? It’s important to understand your ‘why’ so that you can write content that matters, and find an audience who needs what you’re offering.


My writing mentor programme has really taken off this year, and so I decided to produce a blogging planner to help my clients with their content planning. Once I’d developed the outline, I realised how useful this workbook was for me too.

I published my first blog post on January 1st 2013 and have accumulated a mountain of post-it notes, scraps of paper, and notebooks ever since. I think of a great idea for a blog post and grab the nearest thing I can to jot it down. Since creating my planner, I’ve been able to keep all those ideas in one place. As a self-help blogger, I can confirm that it’s done wonders for my stress levels!

The Plan My Blog Like a Pro Planner contains blogging tips, post ideas, advice on writing a good blog post, space to record your social media links, and twelve blank blog post plan pages so you can put together content for a year. It’s not a ‘how-to’ guide; it’s a companion to keep you motivated throughout the year and is a handy reference guide for the months to come.

It might be aimed at new bloggers, but I think anyone who blogs would find this workbook useful.

Grab a copy from Amazon today and start blogging with confidence.


9 thoughts on “Plan Your Blog Like a Pro #NewRelease #BloggingTips #Workbook”

    1. Aww, thank you. I certainly hope so. It’s targeted at my new blogging clients but I’ve been using it and love my newly uncluttered desk lol 😆 no more post-it note ideas everywhere!


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