MEDITATION FOR CHILDREN by Shelley Wilson Introduces Visual Mindfulness to Children

Happy Publication Day to ME!!

After writing several self-help, motivational, and inspirational books, including How I Changed My Life in a Year, Motivate Me! and How I Motivated Myself to Succeed, award-winning motivational blogger, speaker, Reiki master, and meditation tutor Shelley Wilson knew it was time to turn her attention to helping children achieve the same results she’s been achieving with adults.

th-8481733541-396x612Available Formats:
Hardcover, 978-1-64397-041-7, 52 pages, $17.95/£12.95
Trade Softcover, 978-1-947727-40-3, 52 pages, $11.95/£7.95
Ebook, $7.99/£5.99
LCCN: 2018930791
All formats include vibrant colorful illustrations

“The value of meditation has been written about many times, but it is predominantly targeted at adults. I wanted to create something for children that could be enjoyed as a family, or even as a classroom activity, which benefited both adult and child,” says author Shelley Wilson. “The concept of Meditation for Children came about thanks to five-year-old Olivia, who asked me to write her a personal meditation…

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10 thoughts on “MEDITATION FOR CHILDREN by Shelley Wilson Introduces Visual Mindfulness to Children”

  1. Hi Shelley, I have used mindfulness and meditation since I found coming to terms with constant pain after my accident 10yrs ago. I have benefited some much from the techniques I have learned. I think meditation for children is an excellent idea and your book is gorgeous.💜

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