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Top 10 Writing Tips by Author @SueJohnson9 #Top10WritingTips

Welcome to week 22 of our Top 10 Writing Tips feature. If you’ve missed any of the other top tip posts, you can find them all HERE. Please feel free to pop over and connect with the wonderful authors who have taken part.

Next up for the challenge is author and creative writing tutor, Sue Johnson.

Sue Johnson, Top 10 Writing Tips

She is a published poet, short story writer and novelist. Her short stories have appeared in Woman, My Weekly, Woman’s Weekly, Take a Break: Fiction Feast, Chat – it’s fate, The People’s Friend and That’s Life – Australia. She is a Writing Magazine Creative Writing Tutor and also runs her own brand of writing workshops at Number 8 Community Arts Centre, Pershore and at various other locations in Worcestershire, Warwickshire and Gloucestershire.

Top 10 Writing Tips by Sue Johnson:

  1. Carry a notebook wherever you go – and use it.
  2. Write every day even if it’s only for five minutes.
  3. Use the senses.
  4. Be prepared to re-write…re-write… and re-write.
  5. Read work aloud to yourself. You’ll spot anything that doesn’t work.
  6. Finish what you start – however bad you think it is.
  7. Don’t share your work with anyone until you feel ready to do so.
  8. Don’t take rejection personally. Keep going.
  9. Trust your own judgement. If you like a story, stick with it.
  10. 1% effort every day = 100% of something in just over 3 months.

Sue Johnson, Top 10 Writing Tips, Apple Orchard Lemon Grove, Romance

Huge thanks to Sue for sharing her top tips with us. You can find out more about Sue and her contemporary romance ‘Apple Orchard, Lemon Grove’ here:


Follow Sue on Twitter @SueJohnson9

Buy the Book – ‘Apple Orchard, Lemon Grove’

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