The Gentlemen, Film Review
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#FilmReview The Gentlemen by Guy Ritchie #Crime #Comedy

Title: The Gentlemen

Cert. 18

Director: Guy Ritchie

Rating: 5*

The Gentlemen, Film Review

My Review:

What a fabulous start to my cinema viewing for 2020. I knew from watching the trailer that I wanted to see The Gentlemen, but this film went above and beyond my expectations.

It’s a solid 18 gangster crime/comedy movie, so if you’re sensitive to foul language, then you’ll need to pop cotton wool in your ears. Set in present day London, it follows the story of Mickey Pearson, an American ex-pat who trades in marijuana with the help of Britain’s aristocracy, and the twists and turns of him selling his business to unscrupulous low lifers. The cast is phenomenal as with all of Guy Ritchie’s masterpieces. Hugh Grant was marvellous as the sleazy private investigator, Fletcher, while Matthew McConaughey oozed that sexy Peaky Blinder vibe, Colin Farrell was hilarious, and Charlie Hunnam in a cardigan, well, say no more!

Charlie Hunnam, The Gentlemen

The script is genius, and the packed cinema laughed out loud most of the way through the screening.

I’ve already booked to go back and watch it again. It’s a bit gory, a lot funny, but effortlessly entertaining — a solid five ***** from me.

Released January 1st in the UK.


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