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#NewRelease Another Time Another Place #Anthology #TuesdayBookBlog

#NewRelease Another Time Another Place: An Anthology of Short Stories.

The writing community is one I’m delighted to be a part of. I’ve made some firm friends over the years and discovered a fantastic array of new authors and genres.

In recent months I’ve started to become more active on LinkedIn and was delighted to find another supportive, encouraging, and creative community on that platform too.

One such lady is Claire Jennison, a writer, editor, and proofreader for independent authors at Penning and Planning. Claire has been a fabulous connection for me as we have a similar sense of humour, and both love writing and books. When I spotted that her writing group, Writers@…, a writing group based in Hull, had published an anthology, I jumped at the chance to share their work.

I’ve realised that being a part of a ‘real-life’ writing group is what’s missing from my life. Having people to bounce ideas off, chat and laugh along with, and who offer a weekly (or monthly) dose of motivation must be hugely beneficial – perhaps I should move to Hull!

Writers@... Writing Group, Hull Writing Group, Another Time Another Place,

In the meantime, I’m thrilled to share the work of the ladies and gents from Writers@…

Another Time Another Place, Anthology, Hull Writing Group, Writers@ Writing Group

Book Blurb:

Let fate take your hand and lead you through time and space. Visit Aphrodite’s cottage, a quaint tea shop, or a strange truck stop. Tell a tall tale to a classroom of schoolchildren or say goodbye forever to a loved one. Yellow roses could signify life or death. Discover the possible future of medicine.

These and other stories are told within this volume by Writers@…, a local Hull based writing group who meet regularly to talk about their works in progress and share them with each other. From children’s book and thriller authors, to dedicated poets and writers of all genres and formats in between, members of the group range from those who have been commissioned to write a book, have already been published, or are looking to be published in the coming year.

Grab your copy of Another Time Another Place HERE.

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