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5 Things On My Writing Desk #WritersLife

My favourite kind of blog post is when an author allows us to see behind the scenes. They give us a small insight into their world with snippets of their working day, the view from their window, or what they have on their shelves. After all, it’s human nature to be inquisitive (nosy!).

I was delighted when author Linda Huber took part in my Top 10 Writing Tips feature which you can read HERE, and it seems Linda has inspired me yet again with her recent post The Writing Life: 5 things on my desk… I think she may have started a new trend as I’m more than happy to share my writing desk with you…

  1. Pen Pot and Note Block.

Shelley Wilson Author, Writing Desk

I’m calling it ‘pen pot and note block’ because I have no idea what else it could be! As an avid scribbler I’m always jotting notes on scraps of paper, so having this handy stack of notes on my desk keeps everything close to hand. I also loved the mock Shakespeare covers.

  1. Harry Potter Pencil.

Author Shelley Wilson, Harry Potter Pencil

As a fantasy fiction writer, you will always find one or two references to the wizarding world of HP in my writing cave. The pencil doubles up as a stress ball of sorts as I like to bash his head against my desk when I’m thinking! My entire office is littered with Harry Potter merchandise and the pencil is just a small part of my collection. I appear to have a reputation for loving anything magical, fantastical, or weird as friends and family often find these little trinkets for me when they’re out and about.

  1. Smudge Stick.

Author Shelley Wilson, Smudge Stick

I’m going back to the days of running my holistic health spa here. Smudge sticks are fabulous for cleansing rooms, so when I’ve finished one manuscript I’ll give my writing cave a quick smudge leaving the energy clear for my next book. Plus, the room smells gorgeous for ages after.

  1. Motivational Quotes.

Author Shelley Wilson, Motivational Quotes

Writing non-fiction self-help books means I use motivational quotes ALL the time, whether that’s in my manuscripts, posts written for my personal development blog, or on my social media platforms to inspire others. They need to resonate with me before I share them, and very often, the quotes I share have an impact on my audience. The two quotes in the picture which are on the wall above my desk remind me of how inspiring and hilarious a well-placed quote can be!

  1. Wanderlust Calendar.

Author Shelley Wilson, Desk Calendar

I’ve just realised I have three calendars in my writing cave. One is a wall planner, the second is a slimline calendar, and the third is my wanderlust desk calendar. They each have a different purpose. The wall planner has all my meetings, workshops, networking events, and client appointments on it. My slimline calendar is to record when blog posts are scheduled so I remember to promote them, and my desk calendar is there to remind me why I do what I do – to make money so I can travel.

There you go! I hope you enjoyed this brief tour of my writing desk. Be sure to check out Linda’s post, and let me know what’s on your desk.

15 thoughts on “5 Things On My Writing Desk #WritersLife”

  1. I love everything you’ve listed, Shelley! I’m hoping to have my own writing area fixed soon. It’s been too long to go without! I’ll definitely keep your post in mind. 🖤

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  2. I love the Harry Potter pencil! My writing desk is fairly empty. I have a notebook and pen, my laptop, and (for now) a small memorial to my deceased father.

    Oh yeah, and if it’s chilly, I’ll have a hot cup of coffee, too!

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