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Lightbox Originals Writing Community #Writing #IndieAuthors @LightboxOrg

I’m delighted to be a part of the new writing community launched on Facebook by Loretta Milan from Lightbox Originals!

Lightbox Originals

Many writers are feeling isolated right now so Loretta wanted to create a space where we could all come together, chat about writing and uplift our spirits.

There are a variety of themed days which we hope will give everyone a chance to get involved and benefit from being part of the group…

Monday: Monday motivation
We’ll share a motivational message to get your writing week off to a great start. You can also share any inspiring thoughts you have to give a further boost.

Tuesday: Tuesday trials
Share any writing challenges you’re experiencing right now and let’s come together as a group to help out with tips, suggestions and encouraging words that may help.

Wednesday: Wednesday win
We’d love to hear about your successes every Wednesday. Maybe you’ve published an article you’re particularly proud of, you’ve been selected to be featured in a literary magazine, won a competition or you’ve just published a book. Share personal victories too. Maybe you’ve hit a word goal, experimented with a new form of writing or conquered writer’s block. Let the day be full of cheer!

Thursday: Indie studio
We’ve dedicated Thursdays to indie authors but everyone is welcome to take part. Shelley Wilson will be answering questions about self-publishing. Shelley’s success has come both as a fiction and non-fiction author and she is published both independently and traditionally.

Friday: Like me day!
You’ll have the opportunity to post one social media page to invite people to like. This could be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or another channel. Alternatively, you’ll be able to invite people to visit your author website. You’ll get a personal like from us and we’d encourage other members of the group to support if they can. Let’s give everyone a boost!

We’ll also celebrate other special writing events and days throughout the year.

If you love writing, please join us here:

We look forward to seeing you in the group!

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