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#BookReview Seafire by Natalie C.Parker #YA #Pirates

Title: Seafire

Author: Natalie C Parker

Category: YA/Pirate Fiction

My Rating: 4 Star


Book Blurb:

Caledonia’s family were murdered by ruthless warlord Aric Athair. Now captain of a crew of girls who have lost everything too, she has one mission: to take down Athair’s fleet. But when a rogue boy from Athair’s crew saves the life of her best friend, she faces an impossible choice. If she lets the boy live, will he help them – or destroy them?

My Review:

The bonds of friendship can be challenging to put into words, but author Natalie Parker certainly knows how. The Mors Navis is home to the tightest band of girls any would-be heroine could wish for. Every member of Caledonia’s crew has a story to tell, and scars to prove it, but they have become sisters dedicated to the fight.

I personally don’t think the promotional blurb does this story justice as it sounds almost romantic. The rogue boy plays a small part in a much bigger story, and it’s the rhythmic flow of the crew that drives the story along.

Caledonia appears closed off emotionally, but she is a brave leader and cares deeply for her crew. Every action she takes is to keep them all safe while fighting back against a warlord who rules the seas and terrorises the colonies. I thought this character was brilliantly written, and the secondary characters – girls who are closest to the captain – give the book another dimension. They look out for one another, and when a comrade is lost, they all mourn it.

I loved the world-building in this pirate story with the addition of solar panel sails, electrified hulls, and underwater lungs. It added a new dimension to the story that any tech-savvy reader would enjoy.

If you love to read about good vs evil, and crave a story about sisterhood and strength, then Seafire is perfect. I’m looking forward to reading the second book when it comes out in the summer (2020).

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