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Life Inna Lockdown 2020: Behind Closed Doors #TuesdayBookBlog #Anthology #NewRelease

When I’m not busy writing my own YA novels or self-help books, I have the absolute pleasure of running a copywriting business and working with a host of incredible businesswomen. You can visit my website here.

One of my lovely clients is Marcia M Spence, who runs Marcia M Publishing House, and last week I was delighted to help share their latest book launch as part of their content strategy.

It’s an influential anthology that’s not only fun to read but relatable too!

Life Inna Lockdown 2020: Behind Closed Doors reached the #6 spot in its launch week within the cultural biographies genre.

Life Inna Lockdown

Book Blurb:

This is an important book for many reasons, but mainly because it has recorded history, an unprecedented event called Lockdown!

Never in our wildest dreams or imaginations would any one of these twenty-two authors, have anticipated what was ahead as Big Ben’s long-arm struck midnight, and we wished our loved ones and friends a Happy New Year 2020.

This collective of authors had not planned to capture a snapshot in print for an anthology of personal stories of a global experience. Still, through the power of online connections, the project happened anyway. Read, enjoy and relate!

Buy your copy of Life Inna Lockdown 2020: Behind Closed Doors via Amazon UK or Amazon US.

Book Reviews:

Such a unique book. Reading through so many well written & different experiences is comfortable; it makes it easier to recognize that we are all going through this, differently perhaps, but it is happening to everyone. This is a real zeitgeist, and I definitely recommend it!” Kenneth Sawka

I loved reading this book. I could not put the book down. Each chapter revealed a different take on life with a different perspective to living through these unusual times. This book will be a legacy for generations to come. The book has a mixture of spoken words and testimonials. An absolute recommended read whatever, your background, colour, creed or culture.” Pauline Gilman

A lovely read of women who have shared personal accounts of their experiences during the worldwide pandemic. Truly inspiring and powerful stories. Well done, brave ladies.” Ems S

Back Cover Life Inna Lockdown

4 thoughts on “Life Inna Lockdown 2020: Behind Closed Doors #TuesdayBookBlog #Anthology #NewRelease”

  1. This excellent and a great review. Did you know Marjoie Mallon has also complied and published a book on the very same subject, it is another snapshot of living history from a group of authors. The title is This is Lockdown: Covid19 Diaries. No doubt there will be many of these books popping up. Hope you are keeping well and happy Shelley.💜

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