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#BookReview The Starfolk Arcana (Book 1) by @MarthaDunlop #RBRT #UrbanFantasy #TheStarfolkArcana

Title: The Starfolk Arcana (The Starfolk Trilogy Book 1)

Author: Martha Dunlop

Category: Fantasy Romance

My Review:

What a beautiful, mystical, and engaging novel!

The story follows Beth and Jonan, who are fated to be together. There are also a host of other characters who play important secondary roles in the development of the story and who add a deeper dimension and understanding to the lives of the main characters. Beth has hidden her psychic abilities incredibly well, but everything changes when she is drawn to the man with the violet eyes in such a way that confuses and frightens her.

When a ‘celeb’ begins to spread fear throughout the town by tapping into everyone’s fear of the spirit world, Beth and Jonan become targets. It’s up to them to stop her before she destroys everything. Jonan also has the task of helping Beth understand her destiny after he has spent many lifetimes searching for her. The link between the characters and the Starfolk Tarot pack was a lovely touch.

The author creates a rich world full of intrigue, well-rounded characters, and plenty of reference to spirituality and the psychic realm. If you’re a fan of this style of urban fantasy fiction, you’ll adore this book.

I loved all the characters and could connect easily with them. Beth is the strong, independent woman who guards herself against harm and who most of us girls can deeply relate to. Jonan is a careful hero, and Amelia is the bad element you love to hate! The author knows how to build relationships between the reader and the characters as you are fully invested within the first few chapters.

I look forward to seeing how the rest of the trilogy plays out.

I highly recommend it.

I purchased and reviewed this title as a member of Rosie Amber’s Book Review Team.

Book Blurb:

They’ve spent lifetimes being pulled apart. This time, they’re ready to fight.

After years of hiding her psychic abilities, Beth meets Jonan – the man with the violet eyes – and starts to feel like she belongs for the first time. Jonan has waited lifetimes to be with the woman who haunts his dreams. Drawn together by deeply buried memories from before birth, they try to make sense of a soul connection that opens windows into both their histories and their destiny.

But when a woman from Jonan’s past starts weaponising their emotions and stirring up hate, distrust and a fear of the supernatural, Beth and Jonan find themselves targeted in a wave of suspicion.

Only they can see what she is doing. But can they hold out against her bombardment and be true to who they really are, or will they allow The Fear to tear them apart?

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About the Author:

Martha is a dreamer and lover of stories who likes nothing better than spending her days exploring the paranormal and intuitive senses and getting to know the characters in her head.

She is a tarot card reader and Reiki Master. She loves to chat reading, writing and all things mystical on social media, as well as posting pictures of her fellow pack-member, Bertie the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Martha is a fiddle player who fell in love with all kinds of traditional music, but particularly Irish, and is also teaching herself to play the Irish Bouzouki. She played her way through her English degree at York and remembers that time as much for the music as the books.

Martha started her working life in PR because she wanted to write, and in the end, she left PR because she wanted to write more. But along the way, she had the opportunity to work with journalists, hone her writing and editing skills and adapt to the many voices she was asked to use.

Twitter: @MarthaDunlop
Facebook: The Story Cave, @MarthaDunlopStories. The Curious Mystic, @DunlopMartha
Instagram: @MarthaDunlop

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