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What I’ve Discovered During My First Camper Van Camping Season #campervanwriter

After picking up my VW camper at the start of August this year (campsites reopened in July), I’ve travelled and camped in Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Somerset, Northumberland, Scotland, and North Yorkshire.

As a solo traveller I’ve had to work everything out for myself on the road, but that’s been half the fun! I thought I’d share a few of the lessons I’ve learnt so far…

1. I grin like a maniac whenever I drive my van and I’m okay with that! 😁

2. Waving at other VW van drivers is the highlight of any road trip 🤙

3. Correction – my Spotify road trip playlist is the highlight (waving comes a close second) 🎶

4. Face masks can also be used to grab big ass spiders that crawl along your drivers door when travelling at 60mph down the motorway! 😳🕷

5. Being 5ft 10 makes it difficult to sit and chill out while watching films on my laptop if the bed is made as I bang my head on anything that sticks out!

6. Chilling on the seats within easy reach of snacks, fridge, and fluffy pillows saves the head bumps (see point 5) and I can make the bed up when it’s sleepy time!

7. Buying a mini fan was the best move for hot sweaty nights.

8. Buying a portable heater was the best move for autumnal nights.

9. You can’t force your kids (22, 19, and 18) to camp with you – this is your dream so go live it solo!

10. Think about charging a hire fee when 18 year old decides to sleep in van on driveway! 🙄😆 (remind her this is my dream and she hates camping!)

11. Cooking in a camper is WAY more fun than cooking at home. 🍳

12. I have a new appreciation for roads with fresh tarmac #smoothride 🚐

13. Female camper Facebook groups are the font of all knowledge, motivation, inspiration, and empowerment ❤️

14. Grabbing a map and planning your 2021 camping trips is the new ‘going through the Argos catalogue to circle what you want for Christmas’ ✍️🚐😎

15. Naming your camper and then buying ALL the name related merchandise you can find is a must!

16. ‘Layers’ is the key to clothes packing for a menopausal 48 year old! 🥵

17. The dust pan and brush is your friend!

18. A whistling kettle is the best sound in the world! 😆

19. Sometimes it’s okay NOT to use the porta potti because the stars on your walk to the toilet block at 2am are amazing 🤩

20. Have NO FEAR! Solo camping is fun, adventurous, and amazing! Life is for living and it’s okay to live it on your terms ❤️🚐🙌

Snoopy the VW T6!

22 thoughts on “What I’ve Discovered During My First Camper Van Camping Season #campervanwriter”

  1. Love it! That sounds so liberating. I have a romantic notion of doing something similar across France. Can’t do it yet with other responsibilities (mainly 16yo) but it’s not too far off. Here’s to more adventures in 2021!

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    1. You’ll do it, Nikki, and you’ll LOVE it! I have a friend with a 16yo who hired a large motorhome this year and they had a blast! Hopefully 2021 will see the return of freedom, travel, and human interaction! x


  2. We’ve only managed two stays and a day trip in our motorhome in the month we’ve had since October 1st it but every word you say is true. This week’s trip has obviously just been wiped out but the plan is to to the ‘Argos catalogue’ by getting a pot of tea, some cake and sitting down together to see where we want to go next year. My husband doesn’t go for naming vehicles but secretly I’ve named ours George as we collected it on my much missed Dad’s birthday and he was George!

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    1. Oh, I love that name, and it’s got a beautiful story behind it too 🥰 Yes, bit disappointed that there’ll be no November trips but I’m looking forward to next year and beyond! I’m going to steal your idea of tea and cake for the planning session 😆 x

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  3. It’s our plan to buy a camper van/motorhome when we move house soon, and we’re already getting excited about all the trips we’re going to do! So glad to hear how much you’re enjoying yours 🙂

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