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#BookReview I Am a Woman Who 2021 Edition from @WomanWhoUK #WomeninBusiness #nonfiction #inspirational #IWD2021

Title: I Am a Woman Who

Author: Multiple Contributors

Publisher: Woman Who

Genre: Inspirational

My Review:

I’ve been part of the women in business networking scene for years now, and meeting some of the incredible ladies in my local area was always the highlight of my week. With lockdown came the opportunity to widen the networking net and engage with women from across the globe.

One such networking group that thrives on challenge and interaction is Woman Who. Founded by Sandra Garlick MBE in January 2016, the network has grown to include business awards and an academy, all under a well-respected brand that supports women as they develop their own business and advance their career.

To celebrate International Women’s Day (March 8th 2021), Woman Who launch their fourth book, highlighting women’s inspirational stories across the network.

There are thirty-one powerful stories in this edition, all from women in business willing to share their journey; the highs and lows, the lessons, and the wins.

A thought-provoking foreword by Lucy McCarraher, founder of the Business Book Awards, sets the scene as she talks about the importance of storytelling in business. She tells us how the first Business Book Awards in 2017 attracted 150 entries, but only one-third of those authors were female. In 2020, 40% of entries were from women authors. Lucy goes on to talk about the importance of more women’s voices and women’s stories being written and published to help break ‘the unconscious bias women face in business and publishing.’

Of the thirty-one women who share their stories, I am delighted to say I’ve met (or connected) with at least half, and I know first-hand how hard these ladies work – and play!

Growing up I was always encouraged to be the best of the best and unless I was going to win a race, it wasn’t worth running. Over time and as I encourage and inspire my children to be the best version of themselves, I’ve learnt that as long as you show up, try your best and learn from your mistakes, it doesn’t matter, it’s the taking part that counts. Having courage, determination and drive will always be words that describe my personality and failure is an opportunity to learn and grow. As you read my story, you’ll understand my strapline to Dream, Believe, Achieve and Make it Happen.” Claire Cahill, Executive Confidence and Leadership Coach/Trainer Accendo Coaching & Training.

The time has come for women to run highly successful businesses in a female centric way that does not sacrifice their health, relationships or family. Let’s move on from the ‘have it all’ days to a ‘have it how we want’ future.” Jayne Hume, Founder of Balanced Life Approach.

Why, at the age of 66, when most people are starting to slow down and potter in the garden, am I blossoming as an Internet Entrepreneur?Kate Findlay, Business Owner of Peach Perfect.

Life throws us all sorts of challenges, it’s how we overcome them that really matters. From Dyslexic and limited, to leading a life of possibility. I am a firm believer that when a door closes, another opens and it’s how we explore what’s behind that door, that makes us who we become.Rose Lord, Partner Agent with Fine & Country Homes

Survival, Fight or Flight. A choice to live, or end my life, these were the options I had…but then I found I could go from Breakdown to Breakthrough!” Sharon Luca-Chatha, Founder and CEO of The Luca Foundation and LK Eco Style.

Inspirational stories are a fabulous way to learn, feel motivated, and recognise that you’re not alone as you navigate your own journey through worries and achievements. There’s a power behind books like this, not only the boost it gives each author but for women in business everywhere.

Want to feel inspired? Grab your copy of I Am a Woman Who HERE.

Book Blurb:

Woman Who creates local women in business role models. By inspiring women in business to recognise their achievements and celebrate them, Women Who takes women in business on a journey to power up their personal brand and inspire others by sharing their story in print and on stage.

I Am a Woman Who captures and presents the inspirational stories of women in business who share their business journey, the challenges they have faced and how they overcame them. Each contributor shares her story of resilience, often overcoming adversity, with a real honesty and openness. Each story includes top tips and a key message to the reader.

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