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#BookReview Meet the Squibbles by @jaystansfield #ChildrensBook

Title: Meet the Squibbles Volume 1

Author: Jay Stansfield

Genre: Children’s Book

Book Blurb

At the bottom of Mr Pumpnose’s garden, not too far from you, there’s a world of little creatures – and none of them feel blue. 

They’re wonky and squiggly, twisty and bibbly, some of them smell, whilst others are squibbly. 
But all of them smile to make life feel much better, so shrink yourself down, maybe write them a letter.
Show them you care with a laugh and some love, and if any are cheeky, just give them a shove.
Meet the Squibbles, Dear Reader, and open your heart, turn the page, snuggle up, sit tight and let’s start.

Meet The Squibbles is a colourful, silly introduction to some of the lovable characters from Squibblesville. 

Written for children and adults alike, you’ll smile and laugh at the daft things they do, from eating picnics to shouting.

Perfect for a quick reading snack at any time of day.

My Review:

I met the author of Meet the Squibbles via LinkedIn and love his fun and upbeat posts. His support on social media for fellow authors and illustrators is fabulous. You can read my interview with Jay here on my blog (Tuesday 23rd March).

Meet the Squibbles is a riot of colour and quirky characters that any child will love. As this is volume 1, the book is more of an introduction to the range of characters rather than a story book. It starts with an overview of where the reader can find this eccentric cast of characters (at the bottom of Mr Pumpnose’s garden!), before bringing them all to life with colourful illustrations and interesting facts.


Freddy is the most fabulous squibble in the whole squibbleverse and has a keen eye for fashion.

He organises lots of fashion shows and they attract celebrities from as far away as can be.

Legend has it that even The Queen buys her shoes from Freddy’s shop.

He is nice to everyone he meets and his favourite food is brown bread.

The author has invested a lot of time into creating an engaging world that also includes a website where you can grab the book, print off colouring sheets, make bookmarks, and more.

I’ve even seen a few mutual LinkedIn connections wearing their Squibbles hoodies and sharing a selfie!

BUY your copy of Meet the Squibbles for the little ones in your life via Amazon UK or Amazon US.

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