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#BookReview Writing Success: Unleash Your Potential by @KearleySusie #TuesdayBookBlog #RBRT

Title: Writing Success: Unleash Your Potential

Author: Susie Kearley

Category: Writing Skills Reference

My Rating: 4 Star


This book contains inspiring stories of writing success, with hints and tips for making money writing. It explores opportunities in writing for magazines, how much to charge, and covers inspirational stories of people who’ve quit the day job and become full-time writers. Whether you’re interested in writing for magazines or writing books, fiction or non-fiction, there are inspiring stories here for you. 

The chapter breakdown is as follows:
1: Introduction – Beyond Covid
2: Writing for Magazines
3: Targeting Foreign Markets
4: Community Journalism – Launching a Newspaper
5: How Much Should I Charge?
6: Journalist’s Pay
7: Taking the Plunge!
8: Peter Jones: Happiness Guru
9: Creating Works of Fiction: Inspired by the Classics
10: Karl Drinkwater: Writing in Different Genres
11: Injecting Humour into your Writing
12: Crime Writer, Dave Sivers Q&A
13: Lessons from Successful Independent Authors
14: 30 Years to Publication
15: From Book Deal to Independent
16: Marketing Yourself and Your Work

My Review:

A great little non-fiction title that will become a helpful tool for writers interested in submitting freelance articles. There is plenty of information about tailoring your pitch, finding foreign markets, and a detailed chapter on how much to charge.

The author is a well-respected British freelance writer and journalist and has used her vast experience to provide a well-rounded resource.

For me, it was a delight to find two of my favourite authors sharing their personal experiences within the pages. Peter Jones played a pivotal role in launching my own writing career, and it was wonderful to read an open and honest account of his life and writing journey. Terry Tyler also features in a later chapter to share her wisdom on becoming a successful independent author. The case studies and author stories are a lovely addition to the book as it gives the reader a real-life perspective.

Although short, it certainly includes lots of information—a handy book to keep on any writers’ shelf.

I purchased this book via Amazon and reviewed it for Rosie Amber’s Book Review Team.

BUY your copy via Amazon UK or Amazon US

5 thoughts on “#BookReview Writing Success: Unleash Your Potential by @KearleySusie #TuesdayBookBlog #RBRT”

  1. Aha – I opened this to see what you thought of the book, because I’d read it, quite forgetting that I was in it – seriously!!!! I think it’s an absolute must-buy for anyone who wants to write for magazines.

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