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What a whirlwind few weeks it’s been, but with Christmas on the horizon I know I’ll be able to put my feet up for a few days and tackle that TBR pile!

Before I disappear under a mountain of mince pies, I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks to the book bloggers who have supported my recent book release for SELF-HELP FOR THE HELPLESS.

If you’ve missed any of the wonderful feedback from the book bloggers on the Random Things Tour then pop to their platforms and show them some love (links below).

Touring Tales – A Travel and Book Blog

‘Self-Help for the Helpless is relevant to everyone. Fans of non-fiction, self-development books will enjoy the author’s honesty and her own life examples throughout the book. Written with light humour, but also straight talking when needed and full of practical advice. The author clearly shows she is talking from experience and encourages the reader to not just read her book but to actually take action. Motivational and easy read.’

Tomes and Tales

‘This short and quick read packs a punch in understanding the concept of self-help in terms of self-care. While most self-help books and videos tell you to live a certain way, Wilson’s approach focuses on the individual, without comparisons on what should or must be done. Her toolkit is personal, causing the reader to introspect on what matters to us, where we are, and where we can go from here with what we have.’

Random Things Through My Letterbox

Q: What was the inspiration behind writing Self-Help for the Helpless?

Personal development was, and still is, important to me because I’ve used so many techniques on my own healing journey. I wanted to pay it forward and help other women. In 2008 I opened a holistic spa which became a sanctuary for many women. I loved helping my clients to feel empowered, inspired, and confident. When I sat down to write Self-Help for the Helpless, I found myself going back to the early days of my training. What had I needed back then? Why was self-help so important to me?

Twilight Reader

‘Wow, this was the perfect read for me. This book was everything. It made me so aware and thoughtful about things I have been avoiding or simply couldn’t see. I absolutely adored the style of writing, explaining the most simple things in a non patronising way.

It’s simply a short book to challenge you to make changes for the better. I loved how it gave me the meaning behind self-help and for me thinking about my own mental health. I loved learning so much about the author and her journey.’

Linda’s Book Bag

Self-Help for the Helpless is a little cracker of a book because Shelley Wilson guides her readers to accept responsibility for their own health, success and well-being whilst providing practical and accessible ways to change their lives for the better. It’s a no nonsense book that had me nodding in agreement and realising I CAN do something to improve my life the way I’d like. Shelley Wilson writes with such engagement and honesty about her own self-discovery that she is totally inspirational.’

If you fancy adding SELF-HELP FOR THE HELPLESS to your Christmas list you can grab a copy from your favourite retailer:

Amazon UK

Amazon US


Barnes & Noble

Apple Books


Apple Audio

BHC Press for more retailers

Book Blurb

Bestselling self-help author and award-winning personal development blogger Shelley Wilson takes the fear out of self-help and makes it fun, helping you to make easy, positive changes to improve your life right now. Includes her 31-day self-help toolkit.

Have you ever felt helpless? Are you struggling to understand why you feel disconnected from your friends or family? Are you mystified by the words self-help, self-care, and personal development? Are you looking for answers but really have no idea where to begin?

In this beginner’s guide to personal development and understanding self-care, Shelley Wilson will show you how looking after your own needs can be a powerful tool for your mental, physical, and emotional health so you can begin making important changes today.

Discover what self-help means, how to become more self-aware, understand core values, and have fun mapping out what your best life looks like. Shelley includes tips, tools, and techniques and shares her 31-day self-help toolkit. 

Be the person you deserve to be and join bestselling self-help author and award-winning personal development blogger Shelley Wilson on a journey of self-discovery. 

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